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Saturday, January 1, 2022


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The Toll of Fibroids on Black Women
'Of the estimated 26 million women between age 15 and 50 who have uterine fibroids, more than half of them will experience complications from them. For some reason, Black women are more likely than white women to have fibroids, and also more likely to have painful symptoms from them. For more on this, The Takeaway spoke to Patrice Peck, senior opinion editor at Cosmopolitan, and Dr. Anissa Vines,
Brazil Shows You Can Harvest Sugar Cane Without Polluting the Air
'Florida’s largest sugar companies say cane burning is safe and can't be stopped without economic harm. But Brazil has successfully transitioned away from the controversial practice, and experts there say the U.S. can follow their lead.' -- ProPublica
Poet Martín Espada on “Floaters,” the Dehumanization of Refugees, Puerto Rico & His Father
'Acclaimed poet Martín Espada won the 2021 National Book Award for Poetry for his anthology Floaters . He became just the third Latinx poet to win the award. Floaters is titled after the photo of the Salvadoran father and daughter who drowned in the Rio Grande in June 2019 trying to cross into the United States, one that sparked outrage at the humanitarian crisis at the U.S. southern border. Espa

DEC 29 2021

DEC 28 2021

Conversations in Black Freedom Studies: Radical Black, LGBTQ+ Feminist Lives
'The conversation brings together four thinkers whose work examines the long history of Black women strategies for combatting racism, misogyny through collective action in spaces as varied as the prison and the digital world. Barbara Smith’s lifelong commitment to this activism will ground an intergenerational conversation where the radical Black feminism, LGBTQ+ lives will be centered. The discu
Adolph Reed Jr. on Race Reductionism and Liberational Politics
'What is race reductionism and how does it close off possibilities for liberational politics? How is it that we’ve come to have such a restrictive understanding of race, culture, identity, and “authenticity” today? How have the political, economic, and ideological changes to society that comprise what we call neoliberalism created a situation where discussions of race and racism are divorced from
Big Lux's Beautiful Resistance: A Veteran's Violin Sings Black Lives Matter
'“The entire concept of art is to create something where before there wasn’t anything else,” says Big Lux , a violinist and activist. “In social justice, it’s the exact same thing — people who see that the world can be different, better than it is right now. And they have the talent, persistence, persuasion, and anger to see it through. If you are somebody in the social justice system, you have t

DEC 25 2021

"Capitalism Generates Death Worlds" – On Necrocapitalism with Alyson Escalante, J. Moufawad Paul, and Devin Zane Shaw
'In this episode of Millennials Are Killing Capitalism, a conversation with three of the contributors to On Necrocapitalism: A Plague Journal , which is available from Kersplebedeb and you can find that at . On Necrocapitalism was collectively authored by a writing group known as M.I. Asma which included J. Moufawad-Paul , Devin Zane Shaw , Mateo Andante , Johannah May Black , A

DEC 24 2021

How Love and Relationships Have Changed in the Time of COVID-19
' Dr. Lexx Brown-James , a licensed marriage and family therapist and founder of the Institute for Sexuality and Intimacy, and Logan Ury , the author of the book, “How To Not Die Alone” and director of Relationship Science at Hinge, join The Takeaway talk about the changes the pandemic has brought about, give advice for making time for intimacy, and give tips on how to get out there and date for
Parenting During the Pandemic
'For parents, the pandemic has been full of challenges, from balancing work and life to figuring out remote learning. There’s often not enough time left for them to just be people. The Takeaway spoke with Yasmeen Khan the host and managing editor of a new podcast about parenting called “Childproof,” from Ten Percent Happier, about how parents can raise their kids without losing track of themselve
Grammy Nominated Artists: Jazz Vocalist Nnenna Freelon And Her Son, Musician Pierce Freelon
'Both Nnenna Freelon and her son, Pierce Freelon , were nominated for a Grammy for their respective projects. Nnenna's project, Time Traveler , is a love letter to her late husband, Philip Freelon , who passed away in 2019. Pierce's project, Black to the Future , is a children's album featuring the voices of over four generations of his family. They both speak with All Of It about the music, thei
The Shady Business Behind Tree Equity
' When people hear the term “tree equity,” they might think it has to do with comparing one species of tree to another. In actuality, tree equity refers to the equitable distribution of trees in order for everyone to realize the many benefits from trees regardless of who you are, how much money you make, or where you live. The Takeaway spoke with Vivek Shandas , Professor of Climate Adaptation at
New Documentary on Street Photographer Ricky Powell
' "Ricky Powell: The Individualist," a new documentary about the quintessential New Yorker and street photographer Ricky Powell, is streaming now on Showtime. Director Josh Swade joins All Of It to discuss the film and Powell's impact on pop culture.'
One Hundred: The Ed Gordon Podcast with Michael Eric Dyson
'In this episode of One Hundred: The Ed Gordon Podcast , Gordon talks with Vanderbilt University professor, Michael Eric Dyson . They discuss Dyson’s latest book, Entertaining Race; Performing Blackness in America . They also take on topics including: Black America taking on new narratives for the fight for equality, white privilege, toxic masculinity and the emotional toll race duality takes on
Tracy Oliver’s Recipe for Comedy Gold: Big, Brash, and Black
' Tracy Oliver has made it a point in her career as producer and writer for TV and film to center her work around Black women—but, most importantly, Black women who are allowed to be more than savior figures or martyrs of Black trauma. “I don’t think people realize the impact that it has on women of color to see themselves in an aspirational light, just winning and thriving and succeeding,” Olive
Open Source with Christopher Lydon: Say It Loud – A Conversation with Randall Kennedy
'There’s a friendly hour’s conversation here about racial matters and moods. It’s been going on in a bookstore for about 35 years. What’s new this time, late in the portentous year of 2021, is first, the fine line between hope and despair, and second, that law professor Randall Kennedy joins Open Source with Christopher Lydon in a Zoom room, not the bookstore, and we’re recording ourselves for ea