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How Love and Relationships Have Changed in the Time of COVID-19
' Dr. Lexx Brown-James , a licensed marriage and family therapist and founder of the Institute for Sexuality and Intimacy, and Logan Ury , the author of the book, “How To Not Die Alone” and director of Relationship Science at Hinge, join The Takeaway talk about the changes the pandemic has brought about, give advice for making time for intimacy, and give tips on how to get out there and date for
Parenting During the Pandemic
'For parents, the pandemic has been full of challenges, from balancing work and life to figuring out remote learning. There’s often not enough time left for them to just be people. The Takeaway spoke with Yasmeen Khan the host and managing editor of a new podcast about parenting called “Childproof,” from Ten Percent Happier, about how parents can raise their kids without losing track of themselve
Grammy Nominated Artists: Jazz Vocalist Nnenna Freelon And Her Son, Musician Pierce Freelon
'Both Nnenna Freelon and her son, Pierce Freelon , were nominated for a Grammy for their respective projects. Nnenna's project, Time Traveler , is a love letter to her late husband, Philip Freelon , who passed away in 2019. Pierce's project, Black to the Future , is a children's album featuring the voices of over four generations of his family. They both speak with All Of It about the music, thei
The Shady Business Behind Tree Equity
' When people hear the term “tree equity,” they might think it has to do with comparing one species of tree to another. In actuality, tree equity refers to the equitable distribution of trees in order for everyone to realize the many benefits from trees regardless of who you are, how much money you make, or where you live. The Takeaway spoke with Vivek Shandas , Professor of Climate Adaptation at
New Documentary on Street Photographer Ricky Powell
' "Ricky Powell: The Individualist," a new documentary about the quintessential New Yorker and street photographer Ricky Powell, is streaming now on Showtime. Director Josh Swade joins All Of It to discuss the film and Powell's impact on pop culture.'
One Hundred: The Ed Gordon Podcast with Michael Eric Dyson
'In this episode of One Hundred: The Ed Gordon Podcast , Gordon talks with Vanderbilt University professor, Michael Eric Dyson . They discuss Dyson’s latest book, Entertaining Race; Performing Blackness in America . They also take on topics including: Black America taking on new narratives for the fight for equality, white privilege, toxic masculinity and the emotional toll race duality takes on
Tracy Oliver’s Recipe for Comedy Gold: Big, Brash, and Black
' Tracy Oliver has made it a point in her career as producer and writer for TV and film to center her work around Black women—but, most importantly, Black women who are allowed to be more than savior figures or martyrs of Black trauma. “I don’t think people realize the impact that it has on women of color to see themselves in an aspirational light, just winning and thriving and succeeding,” Olive
Open Source with Christopher Lydon: Say It Loud – A Conversation with Randall Kennedy
'There’s a friendly hour’s conversation here about racial matters and moods. It’s been going on in a bookstore for about 35 years. What’s new this time, late in the portentous year of 2021, is first, the fine line between hope and despair, and second, that law professor Randall Kennedy joins Open Source with Christopher Lydon in a Zoom room, not the bookstore, and we’re recording ourselves for ea

DEC 23

Your Hometown: Glenn Ligon – The Bronx
' Glenn Ligon is a renowned artist who gives us new ways of seeing American history, literature, and society. How can we see him better through the lens of childhood? In this episode of Your Hometown, Glenn speaks with Kevin Burke about his experiences growing up in the South Bronx in the 1960s and 70s, including his hour-and-a-half commute each way to Walden, the private school he attended on th
Otherppl with Brad Listi: Stacy D. Flood
' Stacy D. Flood is the author of the novella The Salt Fields , available from Lanternfish Press. Originally from Buffalo, and currently living in Seattle, Stacy’s work has been published and performed nationally as well as in the Puget Sound Area. Having received his MFA in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University, he has also been an artist-in-residence at DISQUIET in Lisbon, as wel
Chris Bosh on winning (and losing everything)
'Vox’s Jamil Smith talks with NBA legend Chris Bosh about his basketball career, his youth, and his legacy. They discuss Bosh’s transition to the NBA, his role on the controversial Miami Heat teams that won two championships (and lost two), and the psychological toll of the injuries that later sidelined him, leading to his retirement. Bosh reflects candidly on his hopes for post-basketball life,

DEC 22

Left of Black S12 · E6 | Jessica Marie Johnson on Black Women, Intimacy, and Freedom in the Atlantic World
'Black women have always found ways to resist in the midst of a savage system of slavery and oppression that used intimacy as a means of undermining freedom. Surrounded by this hostile social order, what were some of the ways Black women carved out for themselves moments of freedom & empowerment? Left of Black host and Duke University Professor Mark Anthony Neal is joined by Professor Jessica Mar
Jeffrey O. G. Ogbar – Black Power: Radical Politics and African American Identity
'Born in Chicago and raised in Los Angeles, California, Jeffrey O. G. Ogbar ’s research interests include the 20th century United States with a focus in African American history. More specifically, Dr. Ogbar studies black nationalism and social justice movements. He has developed courses, lectured and published articles on subjects as varied as the New Negro Renaissance, mass incarceration, civil
Janet Jackson Breaks Down Her Most Iconic Music Videos
' Janet Jackson breaks down her most iconic music video wardrobes, from "Rhythm Nation" to "Scream." She explains everything from her futuristic video concepts, her favorite hair and makeup artists, and why it took her 11 hours to suit up for the "What's It Gonna Be" music video. Ms. Jackson explains the story behind her famous key earring and mixing masculine and feminine looks with badass chore

DEC 21

Looking Back on the Original 'West Side Story' and its Impact on Nuyorican Identity
' Steven Spielberg 's adaption of West Side Story has ignited an important discussion regarding the film's portrayal of the Nuyorican experience. At Alt.Latino we feel it's critical to look back at the film's source material, and interrogate the impact of the original film on Boricuas living in New York City at the time of its release. We are joined by Mandalit del Barco , who leads us in a discu
The Digital Divide: A Look at Inequality in the Internet Age
'The internet, and always being connected, is a hallmark of prestigious white-collar jobs. But all kinds of blue-collar work increasingly require that same level of connectivity. Throw in inflation and expensive iPhones, and you've got all the makings of a precarious digital divide . Julia Ticona is an assistant professor at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania
The Power of the Passport: Equipping Black Youth for Global Opportunities
'A National Geographic Traveler of the Year Award winner for her work with The Passport Party Project—a grassroots global awareness initiative that gifted over 200 underrepresented teen girls with their very first passports— Tracey Friley is using her 10 years of experience as a youth travel advocate to train an army of change makers on a mission to create the next crop of global citizens who mig
To The Root with Vanessa De Luca | Black America
'Award winning journalist Vanessa De Luca has been the driving force behind many companies as Editor-in-Chief such as Essence and Zora Magazine by Medium and has recently added The Root to her list. The Root is an African American digital magazine that was launched in 2008 by Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Donald E. Graham. Vanessa De Luca joins Black America host, Carol Jenkins to discuss The Root 10

DEC 20

Witch Hunt: Okwui Okpokwasili
"Being an African-American, having been born here, I feel like I'm always in that middle space and trying to reach, trying to hear, trying to open to a message, a way forward, a possibility," says artist Okwui Okpokwasili , reflecting on the legacy of colonialism. Opokwasili’s work is featured in the exhibition Witch Hunt , presented at UCLA’s Hammer Museum and ICA LA. For the opening of the exhi
Between the Lines: W.E.B. Du Bois: Black Reconstruction
' The Schomburg Center hosted a virtual conversation with scholars Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and Eric Foner , the editors of W.E.B. Du Bois: Black Reconstruction , moderated by Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor , Professor of African American Studies at Princeton University and recent MacArthur Fellow recipient. Black Reconstruction in America , is a seminal text originally published in 1935. It is Du Bois's
Georgia Anne Muldrow: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert
'During her set, Georgia Anne Muldrow performed, reworked and animated versions of the song "Flowers," along with two selections from her album, Overload , including an extended and jazzy version of "Ciao".'
Jazz Night in America: Endea Owens & The Cookout live at Dizzy's Club
'When we spoke to bassist Endea Owens earlier this year, just before a virtual concert, she told Jazz Night in America : "Every time I get to play music, I get giddy inside and I can't wait to go on this discovery. The only thing that would have made it better is the audience but even without that, I was thankful for the experience." On Sept. 25, the award-winning bassist — a member of The Late S
Raekwon opens up about life before and with the Wu-Tang Clan
' Raekwon , a co-founding member of Wu-Tang Clan , talks to Salon 's D. Wakins about growing up in Park Hill on Staten Island, how rap became his first real job and why the friendships he made in the group meant so much to him at the time. "I always wanted to have a male figure to talk to and emulate what they were doing," Raekwon said on "Salon Talks." "My mom had to work, and she left me to be
In Defense of Auto-Tune
'Thanks to artists like T-Pain , Cher , and Kanye West , Auto-Tune went from being an industry secret to an industry staple. But it didn’t happen overnight. In this video, Sound Field hosts Linda Diaz and Arthur Buckner , uncover how Auto-Tune became THE in-demand tool for recording studios, helped artists find their artistic selves, and evolved popular music.'
Schomburg Center – Theater Talks: Lynn Nottage
' Lynn Nottage is a playwright and screenwriter, and is the first woman in history to win two Pulitzer Prizes for Drama. This fall, Nottage has a new play, Clyde’s , at Second Stage Theater and a musical, MJ , based on Michael Jackson’s life, debuting at Broadway’s Neil Simon Theater in December. A truth teller and seeker, Nottage was among the 300 playwrights, actors, directors, administrators w

DEC 19

David Driskell's Art Spotlighted Black Life – It's 'about time' America Saw His Work
'Artist David Driskell died in 2020 of COVID-19 at age 88, but he's finally getting his due. For the first time, his paintings are the center of attention in a major way. Driskell was best known for his work as an historian and curator, raising the profile of African-American art and artists. Jeffrey Brown has this report PBS NewsHour 's arts and culture series, CANVAS.'
Soledad O'Brien Interviews a Doula on the Frontlines of Mississippi's Infant Mortality Crisis
' Studies show that mothers with doulas tend to have shorter labor, fewer premature births, and a decreased likelihood of C-Sections. Kashuna Watts is a doula on the frontlines of Mississippi’s infant mortality crisis. She's part of a movement that advocates on behalf of black maternal health and fights racism in the health care system. Watts talks with #DisruptAndDismantle 's Soledad O'Brien.'
The Story Behind the Music of Drumline: Dasmyn Grigsby on HBCU Marching Bands
'Historically Black Colleges and Universities have heavily influenced some of today’s biggest hits. Songs like “Industry Baby” by Lil Nas X and “Love Lockdown” by Kanye West wouldn’t sound the same without the catchy, marching band-inspired beats. In this episode of Sound Field Arthur "LA" Buckner talks to Grammy Award Winning Percussionist, Dasmyn Grigsby , about the evolution of HBCU marching b
Artist Claudette Johnson – 'Giving Space to the Presence of a Black Woman'
'Artist Claudette Johnson uses painting and drawing as a means to explore representations of Black women (and sometimes men). Here for the Tate she talks about how her personal experience of being a Black woman and an Artist has shaped her work. Johnson's subjects are people she knows well, often drawn from life; a process which allows her to project the presence of the person she is drawing. Eac
Jenna C. Lester: Why Skin Disease is Often Misdiagnosed in Darker Skin Tones
'Skin is one of the most powerful predictors of health, yet nearly half of all new dermatologists admit to feeling uncomfortable identifying health issues on darker skin tones -- resulting in poorer health outcomes for patients of color. In this crucial talk, TED Fellow and dermatologist Jenna C. Lester shares her effort to extend medical training beyond its current limited scope and ensure all m
MoCA–Collecting the Contemporary: Jordan Casteel
'In this edition of The Museum of Contemporary Art 's Collecting the Contemporary series, New York-based painter Jordan Casteel discusses her 2017 painting Memorial, which depicts a discarded funerary arrangement she saw on a street corner in Harlem. Memorial is the first painting by Casteel to join MOCA's permanent collection and is unique in that it is one of the few works in her oeuvre that do
New World Coming: History is Our Teacher
'In this episode of The People's Forum NYC 's New World Coming , moderator James Counts Early is joined by British historian Hakim Adi to discuss history as a tool for social political change, culture as a place to challenge the power relations of society, and how the global communist struggle attracted revolutionaries from across the world. Hakim Adi is a Professor of the History of Africa and t
Danny Glover and Joslyn Barnes on 15 Years of Louverture Films
'The Film at Lincoln Center Podcast features a Q&A with Louverture Films co-producers Danny Glover and Joslyn Barnes , moderated by FLC’s Director of Programming Dennis Lim . Following a screening of Abderrahmane Sissako’s Bamako, the opening night film of our week-long Danny Glover and Louverture Films series, the co-producers discussed the history of the production company, collaborating with d

DEC 18

Making Contact: Medical Apartheid and the COVID-19 Vaccines
'The world is struggling to contain COVID-19, as variants continue to emerge in countries where the virus is spreading unchecked, killing thousands. Not only could widespread vaccination campaigns help slow the emergence of new variants, they would save countless lives. So why can’t countries in the global south access the novel COVID-19 vaccines? Making Contact takes a deep dive into the WTO and
Legacy, Okay?! For Black Musicians, 'Insecure' Created a New World of Possibilities
'The creation of writer and actor I ssa Rae , Insecure has become a cultural touchstone for a new kind of representation in media, one that has opened the door to complicated, authentic arcs for its characters and visibility for awkward, amazing, multifaceted Black fans who finally feel seen by the television they watch. Insecure will go down in pop culture history for many reasons, but one rippl
Why Child Care Is The Most Broken Business In The U.S.
'Bloomberg Businessweek journalist Claire Suddath explains to Fresh Air why child care is so unaffordable in the U.S. and why attempts to provide federal funding for care keep failing in Congress.'
What Is 'Latin Music' Anyway?
'The term 'Latin Music' can encompass everything from Celia Cruz to Bad Bunny to Selena Gomez to Los Tigres del Norte . It's rock, pop, hip hop, salsa, bachata, reggaetón, and so much more. So...what exactly is the connective tissue? Language? Ethnicity of the artist? Pure vibes? Or is it something else entirely? Code Switch host emeritus Shereen Marisol Meraji is back on the show — and she's tea

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