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BET Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Soul Train Getting Down
'It’s been 50 years since the premier of Soul Train . The Saturday morning dance and variety show became a cultural phenomenon. Although the weekly broadcast went off the air in 2006, the Soul Train legacy still lives on. CBS Mornings ' Vladimir Duthier spoke with music and culture journalist Nelson George , singer-songwriter Leon Bridges , and Soul Train Awards executive producer Connie Orlando
How the Cassette Tape Helped Create the Internet
' In 1983, Simon Goodwin had a strange thought. Would it be possible to broadcast computer software over the radio? If so, could listeners record it off the air and onto a cassette tape? This experiment, and dozens of others in the early 1980s, created a series of cassette fueled, analog internets. Simon Adler at Radiolab reports for On the Media .'


In His New Book, Chef Bryant Terry Explores Black Foodways
'The Netflix series High on the Hog brought the stories of the Black people who have shaped U.S. food culture past and present to a mainstream audience. It turns out there’s a lot of appetite right now in recognizing and celebrating Black foodways and culinary traditions. That’s something Bryant Terry knows very well. The chef, activist, and educator is the author of the new book Black Food and e

NOV 23

Justice & Culture: Exploring the Impact of Entertainment on Criminal Justice: A Conversation with Rashad Robinson
'For the first installment of our event series Ju stice & Culture: Exploring the Impact of Entertainment on Criminal Justice The Aspen Institute are joined by Rashad Robinson , Executive Director of Color of Change. In the Justice & Culture series, we’re seeking to understand how pop culture can influence public perception of crime and justice – either for better or for worse. Through its Culture
Kristin Henning | Rage of Innocence: How America Criminalizes Black Youth
' Kristin Henning is the Blume Professor of Law and Director of the Juvenile Justice Clinic and Initiative at Georgetown Law, where she and her law students represent youth accused of delinquency in Washington, DC. Kris was previously the Lead Attorney for the Juvenile Unit of the D.C. Public Defender Service and is currently the Director of the Mid-Atlantic Juvenile Defender Center. She has been
Aria Code Breakers: Terence Blanchard and Rhiannon Giddens Discuss Fire Shut Up in My Bones
' Terence Blanchard ’s Fire Shut Up in My Bones became the first opera by a Black composer staged at the Metropolitan Opera. In this very special talk, Aria Code host Rhiannon Giddens will speak with Terence about this historic premiere, his writing process, and the unique challenges of staging an opera in the wake of a global pandemic.'

NOV 22

Death Threats and Deforestation: The Brazilian Grandma Battling Illegal Amazon Loggers
' Marli Yontep Krikati became the first woman in her Amazon village to lead the forest guardians after the men declared the job too dangerous. The forest guardians are groups of indigenous Brazilians who patrol their territories to guard against illegal logging, farming and mining in the face of lax enforcement of Brazil's environmental laws under Jair Bolsonaro 's government. Forest guardian lea
Met Exhibitions | Before Yesterday We Could Fly: An Afrofuturist Period Room [Virtual Opening]
'"Before Yesterday We Could Fly: An Afrofuturist Period Room," like any of The Met ’s period rooms, is a fabrication of a domestic space that assembles furnishings and objects to create a fiction of authenticity. Rather than affirm a fixed moment in time, however, this structure reimagines the immersive experience of the period room by embracing the African diasporic belief that the past, present
Why Cases of Missing Black People Remain Unsolved For So Long
'Every year, tens of thousands of women and girls disappear in the U.S. Each disappearance is a tragedy, but for missing Black people, their cases remain unsolved four times longer than those of white people. Experts say that’s due to a lack of media attention, slower police responses, and communities that fail to push for answers. Matter of Fact 's Soledad O’Brien serves as an executive producer

NOV 21

A Choice of Weapons: Gordon Parks Interviewed on NPR's Fresh Air (1990)
'The documentary A Choice Of Weapon: Inspired By Gordon Parks is about the great photographer who chronicled the Black experience for Life magazine. Later, he went on to become the first Black director in Hollywood to work for a major studio. We're going to listen to our interview with Gordon Parks. He directed Shaft , the first Hollywood Studio black action film, which went on to inspire a wave
The Dehumanizing Theatre of the Parole Process
'In The Interview , directed by Jon Miller and Zach Russo , formerly incarcerated people describe what it’s like trying to convince a group of strangers that they are more than the worst thing they ever did.' -- The New Yorker
New World Coming: Race in Socialist Cuba
' James Counts Early is joined by scholar and activist Zuleica Romay Guerra to discuss the history of Afro-descendants in Cuba’s historic struggle for liberation, what anti-racism work looks like in Cuba, and the complexities of what comes after revolution. Zuleica is the Director of Afroamerican Studies at Casa de las Américas in Havana, Cuba.' -- The People's Forum NYC
Beyond The Lens | An Interview with Michèle Stephenson
'Filmmaker and author Michèle Stephenson opens up with WORLD Channel about her Haitian roots, and the connection between her and her film's protagonist, ELENA . Stephenson also shares how humanness is her lens into bringing stories to the forefront.'

NOV 20

Aging While Queer: Aging with HIV
'In the early days of HIV and AIDS, a positive diagnosis was a death sentence. During the helm of the HIV/AIDS epidemic , on average, a patient died within 15 months of diagnosis. Today, new antiretroviral therapies (ART ) can make a HIV positive person's viral load undetectable, meaning that someone who is HIV positive cannot pass the infection to others. Advocates use the common term U=U (Undet
Tierra Whack and J Melodic Make the Leap from 'Whack World' to Something Otherworldly
'Genius loves company, especially the weird, wired sort of genius embodied by Tierra Whack . But we don't always get to peep the kind of collective effort that goes into making her brand of Black girl magic. Scroll down the Soundcloud of her musical timeline — after she'd dropped her Philly-freestyling, cypher-stealing handle Dizzle Dizz and before Whack World shot her into the stratosphere — and
'1619 Project' Journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones Says Black People Shouldn't be an Asterisk in U.S. history
'Pulitzer Prize winner Nikole Hannah-Jones says the contributions of Black people are often left out of the American story. Her mission is to reframe U.S. history through the lens of slavery. "Every American child learns about the Mayflower , but virtually no American child learned about the White Lion," Hannah-Jones tells Fresh Air . The omission, she says, is "symbolic of how history is shaped
Jessica Namakkal /// On French Colonialism in India
'When, in October 2021, The Funambulist Podcast interviewed Priya Ange and Anita Kittery for our francophone show “ Diasporas et Imaginaires des Luttes ” about the Tamil diaspora from Puducherry or Tamil Nadu at large in France, they relied a lot on the work of Jessica Namakkal, who dedicated a book to “the making and unmaking of French India.” Namakkal joins The Funambulist Podcast for an anglop

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