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Tuesday, March 30, 2021



“The human being must always be central, not the products and objects of his skill and energy.” 
― Bernard Wolfe, Limbo

It was about 8:30 last night, I was getting ready for the nightly family dog walk. The phone buzzed indicating an incoming text. Curious I picked up the phone to see who was texting.

Gini Walker. Interesting, I hadn’t communicated with her for over a year. What could this be about?

I open the text and read,

TC – you really crossed a line with that image of you and the commissioner. Please take it down.

Typical Gini, no hello. No how you doing. Just a demand. A demand in which I had no idea what she was talking about.

Those who know me, or have been long-term readers have probably gleaned that I don’t respond well to blind demands from people in power. Considering this demand was coming from someone that I’ve become quite disillusioned with. this convo was already off to a bad start.

After a request for clarification, Walker indicated that she was referring to a photo that accompanied a reposting of Friday’s blog post. The post itself referenced the classic season finale of Dallas where Pamala Ewing woke to discover that the entire season was a dream. The episode ended with a shot of Bobby, who’d been declared dead in the season opener, in the shower – very much alive.

In the piece, I attempted to draw parallels with how MNPS seemed to be treating the past school year. Towards the end of the piece, there is further information about the latest Schwinn-anigans, pointing out that Commissioner Schwinn’s husband was looking for a job at the same time as the Schwinn-led TNDOE was writing an application for a federal grant that featured TNTP prominently. Paul Schwinn currently works for TNTP.

The picture in question was not one chosen by me. I am fortunate enough to have some folks out CONTINUE READING: A QUESTIONABLE OFFENSE – Dad Gone Wild

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