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Thursday, February 11, 2021


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“This Woman’s Work”: Why Cicely Tyson Is So Important to Black Women’s Respect in Hollywood by Stephane Dun
“This Woman’s Work”: Why Cicely Tyson Is So Important to Black Women’s Respect in Hollywood By Stephane Dunn | @DrStephaneDunn | NewBlackMan (in Exile) It ain’t merely a Black woman fan or actress thing. Cicely Tyson was a BOSS when it was still so overtly damned hard to be so in Hollywood and American culture generally. The latest Golden Globe shut out of black actresses and actors underscores T
Vocalo: James Spooner Talks Basquiat, Filmmaking and Afro-punk
'James Spooner is a founder of the Afro-punk movement, and director of the seminal film Afro-Punk . Spooner recently directed a Part Two of a mini documentary series focused on the musical influences of Jean-Michel Basquiat , Time Decorated . He sat down with Vocalo to talk about Afro-Punk, the No Wave movement and the cultural impact of the musical underground.'
Race and Data Discrimination in America by Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis Jr
| @DrBenChavis | NewBlackMan (in Exile) Today there is a welcomed breath of fresh political air in Washington, DC even amidst the unprecedented spread of the global COVID-19 pandemic throughout the United States. According to the Biden-Harris Administration the issues of racial justice and equity are now top priorities in a “whole of government” commitment to all Americans, and in particular to
The Coffee Brand Beloved by Domestic Extremists
'Black Rifle is, at heart, a coffee company. But unlike the vast majority of coffee companies, it markets its beans with a highly militaristic branding that leans on gun-heavy, special-ops themed photoshoots with goofy product placement. Of course, guns and coffee don’t really have a lot in common. A shooting range session might leave you amped like back-to-back espressos, but that’s about it. On
Many Lumens with Maori Karmael Holmes: Blitz Bazawule
' Many Lumens host Maori Karmael Holmes chats with Blitz Bazawule , the musician, filmmaker, writer and painter. Topics include The Black Atlantic and Kwame Nkrumah, moving to middle America from Ghana, finding a creative tribe, and the multi-dimensional power of film as a tool for Afro diasporic storytelling.'
Black Art: In the Absence of Light (2021) | Official Trailer | HBO
“The American canon is not complete without it.” 'Black Art: In The Absence of Light (director: Sam Pollard ; executive producer: Henry Louis Gates ) is a look at Black American Art and representation using David Driskell ’s landmark Two Centuries of Black American Art exhibition​ as a framing device.' -- HBO

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