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Sunday, February 14, 2021

NANCY BAILEY: 26 Reasons to Love Teachers During the Pandemic

26 Reasons to Love Teachers During the Pandemic
26 Reasons to Love Teachers During the Pandemic

Let teachers know how much they’re cared for on Valentine’s Day! Their mental health is important during this troubling time, so reach out and say something kind. No matter what anyone thinks about school reopenings it’s important to express love and appreciation for all that teachers do and have done during the pandemic.

While Covid-19 has been a tragedy and schooling is a concern for parents, another tragedy is unfolding in this country. It’s the loss of qualified, experienced teachers. The most important person in a child’s life next to their parents and family is their teacher.

Here are 26 examples pulled from social media and through discussions with teachers during this trying time. They’re in no particular order and provide a small example of what all teachers do. But they show a beautiful profession and teachers who always make it so, especially during Covid-19. Feel free to share your story or provide additional examples of the good that teachers do.

  1. Teachers take food and supplies to students. Here they rode school buses 150 miles a day traversing gravel and dirt roads to hand out food and homework to children.
  2. Teaching in frigid weather outside or in chilly rooms with windows open must not be easy, but here teachers mean to keep students safe and protest unsafe school reopening plans.
  3. These teachers make home visits where they connect with families and children. 
  4. Some teachers show up for in-person schooling even though they’re pregnant. CONTINUE READING: 26 Reasons to Love Teachers During the Pandemic