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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Educational Mansplaining | Live Long and Prosper

Educational Mansplaining | Live Long and Prosper
Educational Mansplaining

As an American male, I’m an experienced mansplainer. My former teacher colleagues (mostly female) would surely be able to give you an example or two of my tendency to “help them understand” something that they probably understood as well or better than I did. I remember once, at a meeting discussing psychometric testing of a student, I started explaining percentiles to another teacher. With a look of pity and loathing, she said to me, “I understand what percentiles are.” What she likely left unsaid was, “I have an education degree, too, you obnoxious, insulting POS!” Out loud she added, “It’s ok. I’m used to you.”

Now that I have established my mansplaining credentials, I’d like to comment on a thread I read on Twitter this morning. The thread consisted of women giving examples of someone like me mansplaining something that they already knew.

I must admit…while reading the thread I felt the urge to add my own tweet explaining how Twitter threads work…

…but I digress.


The thread that I read included a tweet from Dr. Jessica McCarty, whose Miami University (Ohio) bio reads,

Dr. McCarty has a PhD in Geography from University of Maryland at CONTINUE READING: 

Educational Mansplaining | Live Long and Prosper