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Thursday, December 17, 2020

Outsmarted by Michael Mulgrew | JD2718

Outsmarted by Michael Mulgrew | JD2718
Outsmarted by Michael Mulgrew

I submitted a resolution to move away from blended learning last month. It was next on the agenda, 3 minutes left in the motions period, and they didn’t even tell me to get ready to speak. Mulgrew filibustered away the full 3 minutes.

So I was going to reintroduce the resolution this month.

Background – The UFT/DoE blended learning plan never made much sense pedagogically. It was going to disorganize teaching when we needed to be more organized than usual.

But until today, the UFT leadership had been strongly committed to blended learning. They adopted it as the union’s position – without ever putting it up for a vote.

So I was going to reintroduce it. But I got outsmarted.

I never got the email to submit a resolution, I thought, so I wrote to Leroy Barr and asked what was up. He told me it had been emailed on Sunday.

Sunday? What? I looked through my old emails. And found it.

The email came on Sunday. I opened it. I did not recognize it as the email to submit resolutions. Bad on me.

Here it is: CONTINUE READING:  Outsmarted by Michael Mulgrew | JD2718