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Saturday, November 28, 2020

THIS WEEK Education Research Report

 Education Research Report

Education Research Report

Race and Ethnicity in Higher Education: 2020 Supplement
Complete report Higher education in the United States is more diverse now than at any time in its history. Over the last 20 years alone, the share of undergraduate students who identify as a race other than White has increased from approximately 30 percent to about 45 percent (Espinosa et al. 2019). Despite the growth in access to higher education, the opportunities and experiences of students, f
The five most in-demand competencies across the labor market
A new reportexplores how 120 knowledge areas, skills, and abilities are demanded across the workforce and within specific occupations. Workplace Basics: The Competencies Employers Want finds that communication, teamwork, sales and customer service, leadership, and problem solving and complex thinking are the five most in-demand competencies across the labor market, while strength and coordination
Single Stop USA’s Community College Initiative Shows Potentially Positive Findings for Progression and Academic Achievement
The What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) recently reviewed the research on Single Stop USA’s Community College Initiative and its impacts on community college students. IES summarized the results in an intervention report released today . Single Stop supports community college students and their families by offering screening and application assistance to obtain public benefits. Single Stop also connec
Professional Development of Public School Principals
A new Statistics in Brief report, Principal Professional Development in U.S. Public Schools in 2017-18 , examines professional development topics and activities reported by public school principals. The report highlights the following findings: In 2017–18, most public school principals (95 percent) with at least one year of experience at their current school reported participating in professional
Missing in the Margins: Estimating the Scale of the COVID-19 Attendance Crisis
Complete report For approximately 3 million of the most educationally marginalized students in the country, March might have been the last time they experienced any formal education — virtual or in-person. The reasons that as many as 3 million young people aren’t attending school are complex. But the scale is massive. It is well known that many students lack the devices and Wi-Fi access to fully
Jumps in elementary school violence linked to increased student transfers
New research finds that student exposure to violent crime in urban elementary schools is linked to higher transfer rates, with students ineligible for free- or reduced-price meals and students from safer neighborhoods more likely to leave than their less advantaged peers. The study was published today in the American Educational Research Journal , a peer-reviewed journal of the American Education
Career and Technical Education Coursetaking Among Public High School Graduates
xx Public high school graduates in 2013 earned an average of 2.60 credits in career and technical education (CTE). This represents a decline in participation since 1992, when graduates earned an average of 3.13 CTE 

 Education Research Report