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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

NANCY BAILEY: 6 Critical Education Issues To Watch At Thanksgiving

6 Critical Education Issues To Watch At Thanksgiving
6 Critical Education Issues To Watch At Thanksgiving

This is a tough Thanksgiving, especially for those who are ill or have lost loved ones. I wish for everyone renewed hope and wellness and that you have family and loved ones to stay in touch with and enjoy. That even if you don’t, you’ll find love and comfort in your lives during these trying times.

The state of public schooling during Covid-19 is filled with confusion, anger, and also goodness. Here’s a summary of the issues as we go forward, marching through the holiday season into 2021.

1. The Loss of Teachers and School Staff Due to Covid-19

Covid-19 has hit teachers and school staff hard. As of November 18, 300 school employees have died of Covid-19.

Education Week shares some of their names and pictures. 

The goodness is that teachers rise above the critics who blame them when schools close, continuing to be strong, smart, compassionate, and caring. Teachers work online or in-person, in-person, then back online when their schools close.

The downside is that along with teacher deaths, those worried about returning to the classroom during a pandemic, have taken leaves or retired early. This is a huge loss for students.

If the nation wants what’s best for children, there will be an all-out effort to canvas the country to recruit teachers and bring them back to the classroom when the Covid-19 threat subsides.

2. Covid-19: Most Schools are Seeing a Surge

Covid-19 is causing problems for schools across the country. Search on Google for any state or city, “schools,” and “Covid-19” for November. Most are seeing an increase in CONTINUE READING: 6 Critical Education Issues To Watch At Thanksgiving