Tuesday, December 3, 2019

As usual in DC … | GFBrandenburg's Blog

As usual in DC … | GFBrandenburg's Blog

As usual in DC …

… we don’t have a sane schools policy. Witness: Valerie Jablow’s post today.

Safe Passage To Nowhere
by Valerie Jablow
While I was writing this blog post, on the November 25 DC council hearing on safe passage, a DC public school student who was shot during school hours died and DCPS announced the closure of an alternative high school whose students had poor attendance, quite possibly because many had to travel across town to attend it.
Sadly, all are related events.
That hearing was ostensibly about a piece of legislation that would set up an office of safe passage that would endeavor to form a strategic plan for safe passage; award grants to organizations that can help; and set up priority areas in wards 7 and 8 that have high incidents of violent crime and then provide buses to public transit for students in areas without nearby public transit.
(In fact, Ward 7 tonight (12/2) hosts a public meeting on safe passage at 6:30 pm at Nats Academy, 3675 Ely Place SE. See more information here.)
Because concerns about safe passage go to the heart of lived experience for nearly every DC family, the council hearing featured a wide spectrum of people–and reactions to the CONTINUE READING: As usual in DC … | GFBrandenburg's Blog

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