Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Chicago teachers poised to walk. – Fred Klonsky

Chicago teachers poised to walk. – Fred Klonsky


If as expected, the Chicago Teachers Union’s House of Delegates votes to go ahead with the Thursday strike deadline, I will be heading over to my neighborhood school, Darwin, to walk the line.
I consider it part of my responsibility as a retired union teacher.
Over the past eight years since I retired from teaching I have walked on quite a few picket lines with striking teachers all over northern Illinois.
I encourage all retired teachers to do the same.
Michael Antonucci, the union basher who writes for The 74, thinks the CTU demand for full staffing of nurses, social workers, psychologists and librarians along with contractual class size limits is some kind of trick by the union to collect more dues.
“It is no coincidence that virtually all of these new employees would be eligible for union membership,” he writes.
Well, I would hope so!
I particularly resonate to the issue of putting class size limits in the contract and CONTINUE READING: Chicago teachers poised to walk. – Fred Klonsky
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CTU strike, 2012. Photo: Fred Klonsky

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