Sunday, September 29, 2019

enrique baloyra: Exactly how corrupt is Ron DeSantis? By the numbers - YouTube

Exactly how corrupt is Ron DeSantis? By the numbers - YouTube

Exactly how corrupt is Ron DeSantis? By the numbers

enrique baloyra

This week Florida Governor Ron DeSantis reminded us why he’s still sleaziest politician in the Sunshine State. And that’s quite the achievement, considering we’ve elected Rick “Don’t-Say-Climate-Change” Scott to statewide office three times.
Let’s review. When he first came to office, DeSantis rolled back the constitutional amendment approved by over five million Floridians restoring voting rights.
He’s expanded the unconstitutional private school voucher program. He fully supports an unaccountable charter school industry that steals $billions annually from what’s already one the nation’s most underfunded K-12 budgets.

And let’s not forget his refusal to disclose how Russian hackers accessed two Florida county databases in the run up to the 2016 presidential elections.
Now DeSantis is desperately seeking money for his newly announced Presidential Protection Fund.
In an email sent out by the Florida GOP, he writes, “As Governor [sic] of Florida, I want the President [sic] to know that we have his back in this fight 100%.”
The same president recently admitted to committing treason. You’ll recall it was DeSantis who went on “Fox an Friends” to accuse his political rival of corruption for accepting tickets to a Broadway musical.
“DeSantis, possibly best known to the rest of the U.S. as that extremely racist guy Florida elected as the state’s top official. But he’s so much more than that! While other politicians had an informal system of grift, DeSantis took it to an extreme: He literally made a price list.”

Wait a minute, you might minute ask. Like a menu? And you’d be exactly right. Like a Free Speech buffet, where only the wealthiest can access the governor.
Of course, he’s denied the allegations. But the Tampa Bay Times has discovered an internal communication from his then-political chair Susan Wiles telling his chief-of-staff both the governor and first lady had signed off on the price structure.
Among the most popular items:
- $25 thousand for a ten-minute meeting
- $100 thousand for a one-on-one golf game
- 150 thousand for dinner
- And a cool quarter million for the connoisseur who wants a more “intimate” encounter.
That’s the actual word they used. And I know it seems a little bit prostitute-y. But give the poor guy a break. I mean, he had to slum it for the first few months in office, flying around in second-hand jets. So he bought a new one for $15 million.

Guess who’s footing the bill.

Exactly how corrupt is Ron DeSantis? By the numbers - YouTube