Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Louisiana Educator: Louisiana's Flood of Worthless Diplomas

Louisiana Educator: Louisiana's Flood of Worthless Diplomas

Louisiana's Flood of Worthless Diplomas

This well researched article in NOLA.com explains very clearly how Louisiana, during the administration of  Superintendent John White has steadily lowered all standards to produce worthless diplomas. The title of the article, Promoted but not Helped, is a good summary of how Louisiana has improved its graduation rate in the past few years while cheating both students and potential employers.

The article focuses on one student, Denesha Gray, who somehow was awarded a high school diploma by one of the New Orleans charter schools even though she could not count change and was reading at the second grade level when she was granted a diploma.

"Ya all gave her a piece of paper" said Mr Lewis, the student's father.

Under rules that were in place until 2014, Gray’s high school exam scores would have barred her from graduating. But by the time she was a senior, state officials had begun to allow students who required special education services to receive diplomas even if they couldn’t pass the test.
Gray got those services only in her final year, and Lewis believes the intervention was mainly aimed at allowing school officials to wash their hands of his daughter and let her graduate.

The reporter describes how the student's father repeatedly asked school officials to address his daughter's learning disabilities as she was socially promoted from one grade to the next without evidence of learning. When the student was in high school, the highly touted Recovery School District was successfully sued by the Southern CONTINUE READING: 
Louisiana Educator: Louisiana's Flood of Worthless Diplomas

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