Saturday, July 8, 2017

Saturday Reads Diane Ravitch's blog | A site to discuss better education for all

Diane Ravitch's blog | A site to discuss better education for all:

Saturday Reads Diane Ravitch's blog
A site to discuss better education for all

Here is the Link to MAD Magazine’s Betsy Poster: “We the Unqualified”

In case you want to print out your very own Betsy poster, here is the link.

Jeff Bryant: Why Democrats Should Unite For a Charter Moratorium

Jeff Bryant argues cogently in this article that Democrats should unite on behalf of a charter school moratorium. If the ademocratic party wants to revive its base–labor and civil rights–it should heed Jeff’s sound advice. Charters and 

Jersey Jazzman: Chris Christie Show His True Colors, on the Jersey Shore

Jersey Jazzman notes that Chris Christie will soon leave office as the most unpopular governor in the nation. He loved to ridicule those who disagreed with him, and one of his favorite targets was the state’s public schools and teachers, most especially their union. He never acknowled that the state is one of the three top-performing states on national tests (NAEP), the other two being Massachuse
Indiana Voucher Study: Students Fall Behind, But Do They Really Catch Up After Four Years?

Indiana has one of the nation’s largest voucher programs (34,000 students) and has been in operation long enough to collect four years of data. The latest voucher study reached the conclusion that students who get vouchers fall behind in the first two years, notably in math, but eventually catch up to their public school peers. But do they? Steve Hinnefeld reported on the release of the study, bu
MAD Magazine “Honors” Betsy DeVos With a Poster of Her Own

A reader sent me the link to this poster, which appears in the current issue of MAD Magazine. I don’t customarily engage in ridicule, but what DeVos is doing to the public schools of America, what she is doing to civil rights enforcement, and what she is doing to college students struggling to pay for their education is beyond ridiculous.
19 State Attorneys General Sue DeVos for Delaying Rules Protecting College Students from Predatory Colleges

Led by Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healy, the state attorneys general in 19 states sued Betsy zdezvos, who is failing to protect the interests of college students who are preyed upon by for-profit colleges, like the defunct Trump University. This Secretary has carved out a unique role as the defender of corporate interests against the rights of students. Her motto might as well be “Let t
U.S. News Kicks KIPP NYC School Off Its List of “Best High Schools” Due to Gary Rubinstein’s Analysis

Let’s begin with the stipulation that the lists of “America’s Best High Schools” based on test scores or AP coursetaking encourage schools to game the system and are invalid on their face. Then, congratulations to Gary Rubinstein! He not only demonstrated that New York City’s KIPP high school gamed the rankings by U.S. News & World Report, but the magazine noticed his critique, decided Gary was r


Your Chance to Join the Success Academy Team!

Success Academy is hiring! Of course they are always hiring teachers due to the high rate of teacher turnover. More than 50% leave every year. Success Academy is looking for a Real Edtate Acquisitions Coordinator, who will report to the Associate Director of Operations, who reports to the Directo
Southold, New York: Elementary School Will Get Giant Mother Goose Shoe!

David Gamberg, superintendent of schools in both Southold and Greenport, on Long Island, in New York, had a dream. He wanted to install a custom-made Mother Goose shoe, in which children could play. He wanted it to symbolize the district’s commitment to childhood and play. He started a fundraising campaign. He was just short of his goal. A local businessman, who owns the town grocery store, contr
Borowitz: Betsy DeVos is the Only Person Who Can Stop North Korea

Andy Borowitz, who writes humorous pieces for the New Yorker, says only one person can stop North Korea. He says Betsy DeVos is enroute to North Korea to reverse its progress in math and science. Vouchers for everyone! That will cripple its nuclear program.
A Global Guide to the Power of Philanthro-Capitalism

Antonio Olmedo wrote this analysis of Philanthro-Capitalism. VENTURE PHILANTHROPY & THE NEOLIBERAL ECOSYSTEM: WHO NEEDS A MINISTRY OF EDUCATION? By Antonio Olmedo, University of Roehampton Coinciding with this year’s World Social Forum in Davos, Oxfam released a report based on Credit Suisse Global Wealth Databook [1], denouncing that the top 1% richest people have gained more income than the poo
Ohio: Kasich Vetoes Bills, Hurts Children

John Kasich likes to be unpredictable. One minute, he plays the moderate, sane Republican in contrast to irresponsible, impulsive Trump. Then he acts in Ohio and shows that he doesn’t have a clue about education, the most important responsibility and budget item in every state. Stephen Dyer of Innovation Ohio writes: “While Gov. John Kasich’s line-item veto of the Ohio Legislature’s freeze on Med

Texas: Voucher Proposal Won’t Help Children with Disabilities

They’re baaaaccckkk! The zombies called vouchers will be introduced again in the Texas State Senate, once again under the fraudulent claim that they are intended for children with disabilities. Governor Greg Abbott is calling a special 

 Diane Ravitch's blog | A site to discuss better education for all:

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