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No Snow Monday Diane Ravitch's blog | A site to discuss better education for all

Diane Ravitch's blog | A site to discuss better education for all:

No Snow Monday Diane Ravitch's blog
A site to discuss better education for all

Koch Brothers Target Colorado for ESA Vouchers
Wherever there is a bipartisan consensus for charter schools, the Koch brothers see the state as ripe for expanding vouchers. Now they are targeting Colorado, where they have developed a strategic plan for the state. Leading Democrats, such as wealthy Congressman Jared Polis and former State Senator Michael Johnston, have led the charge for charters and schiool choice (both have announced they ar
A Republican Staffer Who Blew the Whistle on the Cult Worship of the Rich
As you know, I was for many years involved in the rightwing corporate reform made cement. As I realized that the real end game was not to “reform” public schools but to privatize them, I became a skeptic. Then as I saw that all of their 

Roy Turrentine: What Testing Destroys

Roy Turrentine, a teacher who frequently comments on the blog, wrote this commentary on how testing warps teaching: “When I first started teaching, I would occasionally get off the subject for days. One geometry problem sidelined 

Kentucky: CBS News Reports that the DeVos Agenda Would Destroy Rural Public Schools

CBS News aired a great segment on the importance of rural public schools. They are the heart of the community. CBS News went to an impoverished community in Appalachia and interviewed students and the principal, who is also the school 

Ed Berger: The Stealth Coup to Destroy the American Dream

Ed Berger, a retired teacher who lives in Arizona and is active in the struggle to save public schools, has written a powerful post about the billionaire-funded movement to destroy our democracy. It begins like this. I urge you to read it all: “Within the core of our freedoms, lie the avenues powerful individuals use to take away the rights of citizens and the controls of government designed and
Washington State: 13 Lucky Billionaires Pay No Taxes!

In Washington State, the highest state court ordered the legislature to establish a new and equitable funding program for public schools. The legislature has not acted. The court is fining fining the legislature $1 million a day. The legislature ignores the court. The highest court also ruled that charter schools can’t take money from the public school budget because they are NOT public schools.


ALEC and Koch Brothers Launch State-Level Attacks on Solar Energy

We are familiar with ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) model legislation to promote charter schools and vouchers, as well as to eliminate teachers’ unions. The New York Times reported today that ALEC and the Koch brothers are working on behalf of the electric industry to block and reverse support for the rooftop solar power movement. When the public was concerned about over-reliance on
More on the New Charter Operators Moving from Chicago to Indianapolis

An earlier post this morning said that two young TFA had run a “successful” charter school in Chicago and were invited to open a charter in Indianapolis. They are both under 30. A reader who knows the couple in Chicago sent this comment: “They didn’t “stick with
Laura Chapman Exposes the Billionaires Behind GreatSchools, Inc. and Redlining

Laura Chapman posted this comment, which I hope you will read: Readers should know that website supports redlining. This is a non-profit website and organization in name only. Zillow, for example, pays a fee to lease all of the data and the ratings of schools. Specific schools can pay a fee to steer users to their websites. The following supporters of redlining via the great scho
Why Do National Democrats Forget About the Threat to K-12 Schools?

Every day I get fund-raising appeals from Democratic and progressive national organizations. They usually include a list of critical issues and ask me which one I care most about. They never include K-12 schooling, which is now being battered and assaulted by DeVos and the Red state governors. Here is a list I got today from the DCCC (I think that’s the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee
DeVos: Tough Accountability for Public Schools, Not for Charters or Voucher Schools

Erica Green of the New York Times wrote that Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has “surprised” everyone by insisting that the state accountability plans must be more demanding, more “ambitious,” stronger in setting goals. Please note that DeVos spent over a million dollars rewarding the Michigan legislature in 2016 for blocking accountability standards for low-performing charter schools in Michi
Florida Charter Scandal: You May Think You Have Heard It All!

This is unbelievable but true. A convicted felon who had served four years in prison for grand theft and arson was chosen as president of the board of a small Florida charter school, where she was convicted of stealing from the school. She is heading back to prison. You can’t make this stuff up. “Despite spending four years in prison for arson and grand theft, and having multiple arrests for writ

Indianapolis: As School Board Plans to Close Public Schools, Interlopers Arrive to Open New Charters

I wrote a few posts last week (see here and here ) about the devastation of public schools in Indianapolis by corporate reformers. Their short term goal is to close public schools and replace them with privately managed charters. In the 
Diane Ravitch's blog | A site to discuss better education for all:

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