Sunday, June 4, 2017

Betsy deVos Stands Tall for Segregated Schools

Betsy deVos Stands Tall for Segregated Schools:

Betsy deVos Stands Tall for Segregated Schools

On May 24th, Secretary of Education Betsy deVos was questioned by a House committee. She was asked whether schools that discriminate should be given taxpayer dollars to help them succeed with discriminating.
She said yes. She said that she believes that parents who don’t want their children going to school with undesirable, less human children, should be allowed to make that decision, and to have taxpayers pay for it.
One Congressmember asked about Lighthouse “christian” Academy in Bloomington, Indiana. The school receives almost a million dollars a year of tax money. Its website says that it teaches that the book of Genesis and Creationism are absolute truths. So science, like evolution or biology, or physics, are both irrelevant and simply wrong.
They also tell parents that they don’t have any programs for students with learning disabilities.
The Lighthouse “christian” Academy is a big, national business. We have several of them around Southern California. All of them teaching both that the Bible is inerrant, and that Jesus was fundamentally wrong on various points. (Logical consistency is not the hobgoblin of “christian” minds.) All of them look forward to Betsy deVos increasing their funding and profits. (Some of them actually claim to be “non-profit businesses”.)
What Betsy deVos said in answer to the Congressmember’s repeated questions (repeated, because deVos really tried to avoid answering) was that parents should have the right to choose schools that they like, and the government shouldn’t interfere with that.
But that wasn’t the question. The question was whether the government should provide tax dollars Betsy deVos Stands Tall for Segregated Schools:

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