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Words of inspiration for teachers by teachers - Lily's Blackboard

Words of inspiration for teachers by teachers - Lily's Blackboard:

Words of inspiration for teachers by teachers

It is Teacher Appreciation Week, and who better to celebrate teachers and teaching than educators themselves? Pulled from the archives of NEA Today we share words of inspiration and dedication from those working on the frontlines of education in our schools every day.

It's totally worth it!
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“It’s all totally worth it. You have a chance to positively impact so many young thinkers and dreamers. You will help young people become stronger writers, readers, or math-lovers, but if you can also deeply connect with and support students who really need help to stay in school, then you will feel an even greater sense of accomplishment.”
 Sara Ketcham, English teacher, Oakland Technical High School in Oakland, Calif.
Collaborate with other teachers
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“Half of what I know about teaching and what works with students is instinctual, and the other half is ‘stolen’ from other good teachers. I observe other teachers’ classrooms to see how their teaching style and lessons work, and I’ve been able to team teach with some of the best teachers our district has to offer; some were veteran educators, others were very early in their careers.
The common thread is the passion good teachers have for their subject and for their students.”
-- Michael Hawthorne, history teacher, Hartford School District in Hartford, Vt.
Join the union!
“I joined the union because I believe that with the power of numbers behind us we could fight for better teacher pay, bring down our class sizes, get special training in various professional development areas, and much more. ...
I joined because I also cared about my colleagues. I hated seeing first-year teachers leaving because they couldn’t make ends meet money-wise or they didn’t feel welcomed or supported. I joined to make a difference for those teachers so they will stay!”
--Joseph Daily, physical education teacher, Yuma, Az.
Believe in your students!
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