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Student data privacy webinar Tuesday May 23 | Parents Across America

Student data privacy webinar Tuesday May 23 | Parents Across America:
Student data privacy webinar Tuesday May 23

Amid growing concerns about data privacy and surveillance, the Parent Coalition for Student Privacy (PCSP) and the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood (CCFC) have created an important resource for parents to understand and safeguard students’ personal information.
The Parent Toolkit for Student Privacy: A Practical Guide for Protecting Your Child’s Sensitive School Data from Snoops, Hackers, and Marketers is a vital resource in an age where nearly all school records are stored digitally, and where learning, homework, and administrative tasks are increasingly conducted online. Available free to parents on CCFC and PCSP’s websites, the Toolkit offers clear guidance about federal laws that do—and don’t—protect students’ privacy, helps parents ask the right questions about their schools’ data policies, and offers simple steps parents can take to advocate for better privacy policies and practices in their children’s schools.
“The Parent Toolkit for Student Privacy is a powerhouse resource for parents, educators and school districts,” said Laura Bowman, President of the PAA-Roanoke Valley chapter of the public education advocacy group Parents Across America. “By providing easily understood explanations of laws and legal rights, best practices, questions to ask, and ways to advocate for their children, the Toolkit empowers parents with the information they need to ensure their child’s sensitive information is safeguarded.”
The Parent Toolkit for Student Privacy can be downloaded at
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PCSP, CCFC and PAA will co-sponsor a webinar on May 23, 2017, to help parents effectively use the toolkit’s resources. The webinar starts at 8 pm ET, 5 pm PT. PAA’s Laura Bowman will be on the webinar panel along with PAA co-founder Leonie Haimson, Rachael Stickland from PCSP and Josh Golin from CCFC. Please register here.
The purpose of the webinar is to review the main points of the toolkit and talk about ways to take action. There will also be time for Q! and A.Student data privacy webinar Tuesday May 23 | Parents Across America:

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