Monday, March 13, 2017

Parent Summit 2017 | Parents United for Public Education

Parent Summit 2017 | Parents United for Public Education:

Parent Summit 2017
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Saturday, April 29, 2017 – 9a – 3pm
Saint Joseph’s University
5600 City Ave, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19131

Parents from around the city are joining together for our 2nd Annual Parent Summit, a day of UNITY and Education. This summit is designed to empower family leadership in schools, unite families around the city and educate families on key education issues in Philadelphia and around the country.  Don’t miss out!

“A united voice has much more volume. It is going to take a city of united parents to tear down a broken establishment and rebuild for the sake of our kids. Simply put, we must get informed, get involved, get together and fight for our rights.” Tonayia Coffer
“Parents raising their collective voice show that we are active and engaged in the high quality education we demand for our children. Strong, educated, parent voice forces open secret deals and lights the dark intentions of corporate education reforms. We are here, we are fighting, we are not giving up on the excellent public education Philadelphia’s students deserve.” Robin Roberts
“Philadelphia children deserve a fully funded and fair education. Parents will not stop fighting until we have one!” Shakeda Gaines
“The voices of parents have always been important. But many times the powers that be try and silence parents into complicity with fear mongering and intimidation. When a collective voice is shouting with support from other parents, that is a powerful force against harmful reforms, tactics, and attacks.” Tamara Anderson
Parent Summit 2017 | Parents United for Public Education:

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