Wednesday, February 15, 2017

UPDATE: Please Respond to My Poll | Diane Ravitch's blog

Please Respond to My Poll | Diane Ravitch's blog:

Please Respond to My Poll

I have mixed feelings about whether I should continue devoting so many posts to the multiple transgressions of Trump.
On one hand, this is a blog devoted to education.
On the other, I believe we are in the midst of a historic and unprecedented national crisis. We have elected a man who is angry, bitter, ignorant, vengeful, unstable, and tied to the white-supremacist alt-right and the Kremlin.
He has already turned our country into an international laughing stock.
He has appointed a cabinet composed mostly of incompetent, unqualified, or mean-spirited people at odds with the agency they are supposed to lead.
He refuses to divest himself of his conflicts of interest, and several of his appointees–including Betsy DeVos–have followed his example. He has demonstrated contempt for the norms of ethics and transparency in government.
What is the reason for his admiration for Putin? Putin is the richest man in the world. Does Trump owe him billions?
I love my country. I vote in every election. I am patriotic. I hate what Trump is doing to our country.
My question to you:
Should I stick to education or continue to speak out on the issues of national significance, as well as education?
I find it hard to separate the two. Should I?Please Respond to My Poll | Diane Ravitch's blog:

My Response to the Poll of Readers

This morning I asked you to comment on whether I should post less about Trump and more about education.

Hundreds of readers responded.

Most said that politics and education are inseparable. One reminded me of Dewey’s classic book “School and Society,” which reinforced the point that the two are inseparable. We educate children to prepare them to contribute to a better society. We teach them civility so they will be civil to others. We teach them good citizenship so they will be good citizens. We teach them to respect themselves and others so they will act that way as adults. We teach them to think and inform themselves so they will be thinking citizens. Over time, if we educate our children well, it will make our society better. We educate them because we are investing in the future of our society.

A few readers said I should write about education and leave Trump alone. This is actually impossible, because Trump wants to destabilize My Response to the Poll of Readers

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