Sunday, February 19, 2017

Facts? We Don't Need No Stinking Facts by Dr. Michael Flanagan - Badass Teachers Association

Badass Teachers Association: Facts? We Don't Need No Stinking Facts by Dr. Michael Flanagan:

 Facts? We Don't Need No Stinking Facts 
by Dr. Michael Flanagan

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I recently read an article on the ways that teachers are trying to combat  "fake news" and it directly related to what I have been teaching in my government and economics classes. Research and cite your sources before you debate an issue. As a society our discussions on current events, controversial political issues and economic policies are all too often muddied by political talking points and agenda serving sound bites.

Politicians can say whatever they want true or not, and when fact checked they scoff it off as fake news. The current presidential administration has recently referred to the mainstream news media (except for Fox news) as the "enemy of the American people". This country is in the midst of a struggle between fake news and alternative facts on one side versus research and analysis on the other. Unfortunately, it is quite apparent which side is winning.

Far too many people base their worldview on what they hear on tv and radio talk shows. Our entire ability to verify information has withered on the vine. It is a skill that is evolving out of humans. Survival of the least informed. Instead of a journey towards enlightenment many are complacently wandering in ignorance. People have embraced being told what to think by Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly and Joe Scarborough. It is the collateral damage of the TV generation; limited attention spans and the reliance on spoon fed info graphics. So many people will believe what they hear at face value, as long as there is an American Flag waving in the background of the tv screen.  

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