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Winter is still coming | Deconstructing Myths

Winter is still coming | Deconstructing Myths:

Winter is still coming


It’s been about 18 months since my last post, and in that time the land of GMO milk and honey has continued to curdle even further. I regret my self-imposed absence due to my law school studies and will do my best not to include words such as tortious interference or condition precedent in any subsequent posts. While I can’t promise to post with the frequency I used to, I will do my darnedest to offer readers yet another alt-reality from which to gather alt-facts so they, too, can come to alt-conclusions along with my fellow alt-Americans. Before discussing the POTUS WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED, I would like to offer the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe my most heartfelt praise for their overwhelmingly peaceful resistance. You know shit’s about to get real when the hippies show up and there’s not a fatty burrito in sight. You might say the government was caught between a standing still rock and a hard place. Alas, those same corporate interests driving the imposition of the Dakota Access Pipeline across sovereign and sacredly held lands have found a new savior in the POTUS WSNBN and the struggle is far from over.

(Photo credit: John Heminger)
(Photo credit: John Heminger)
Women were also compelled to remind their fellow countrymen that it’s not just corporations who should be considered people, too. In 2017, women must still assert their rights to reproductive choice and autonomy over their own damn bodies. One can almost hear the heavy mouth breathers as they salivate over dismantling Roe v. Wade. The election of the Misogynist-in-Chief has not helped matters. In his first week of office, he has wielded his mighty pen like an overcompensating sword battling stage 4 erectile dysfunction. In one fell swoop, he has dismantled funding to humanitarian groups who advocate for access to abortions, banned refugees from war-torn Muslim countries, bound and gagged Smokey the Bear, and pledged to build a wall along the Mexican border (“We’d like one too,” signed, Canada). All of this while corporate capitalists continue their never-ending quest to privatize education and dismantle environmental regulations put in place so we can all eat, drink, and breathe merrily. Fortunately for us all, the sisters are doing it for themselves because that arc of the moral universe isn’t going to  Winter is still coming | Deconstructing Myths:
(Photo credit: Annie Russell/VPR)
(Photo Credit: Annie Russell/VPR)

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