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Tweets from Betsy DeVos Now Signed “-Betsy” | deutsch29

Tweets from Betsy DeVos Now Signed “-Betsy” | deutsch29:

Tweets from Betsy DeVos Now Signed “-Betsy”

On January 20, 2017, Michigan billionaire and USA ed sec nominee Betsy DeVos found herself the subject of embarrassing grammatical errors related to a tweet posted on her Twitter page presumably by her.
The original tweet was corrected and posted on social media, where it made the rounds in short order:
devos-tweet  (Click to enlarge)
The “corrected” version on DeVos’ Twitter page does not include all of the corrections noted above and continues to be available as follows:

Honored to witness the historic Inauguration and swearing-in ceremony for the 45th President of the United States!

The original tweet, which included the misused term, “historical,”  was edited to include the proper term, “historic,” and was explained via the following tweet:

Apologies for the earlier error, everyone. Proof our staff members are only human! :)

It seems, however, that DeVos is now delivering the message that even the “apology tweet” was not drafted by her but by staff who have been apparently placed in charge of the Betsy DeVos Twitter account.
Beginning January 23, 2017, some DeVos tweets include the tag, “-Betsy.” In addition, DeVos’ brief Twitter bio now includes the disclaimer, “Tweets from Betsy are signed ‘-Betsy.'”
So, what that means is that if the “historical” Twitter embarrassment had not occurred, then readers of DeVos’ Twitter page might still be led to believe that “-Betsy” was indeed exclusively tweeting her own tweets.
As it stands, neither Betsy DeVos nor her staff have been much into tweeting. As of this writing, DeVos has posted only 24 tweets, with her third tweet being posted on November 23, 2017– the day that Trump announced her as his nominee for US secretary of education.
Of course, that could change. DeVos now has over 63,000 followers, and, as we now Tweets from Betsy DeVos Now Signed “-Betsy” | deutsch29:

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