Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Seattle Schools Community Forum: Looking Ahead (Nationally) - Part One

Seattle Schools Community Forum: Looking Ahead (Nationally) - Part One:

Looking Ahead (Nationally) - Part One

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You'll notice I didn't say "looking forward" because honestly, I don't see much hope for public education for all students in this country, state and city.  Let's start with nationally.

Trump won the Electoral College and is therefore elected president.  However, that win is clearly not a mandate when you consider that he received nearly 63 million votes to Hillary Clinton's nearly 66 million votes.  Add into her votes the ballots cast for Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, and others and you get to about 74 million people who voted against Trump. 

He has not even been sworn in and already there are many warning signs.  His background and actions tell us three important things.

1) He is not qualified to do the job, seemingly doesn't want to do the job full-time (he seems to think he only needs to be in Washington, D.C. four days a week and was never a great businessman but really, a good self-promoter.  Read this Newsweek article for more (and add Native Americans to the list of people he has insulted.) 

2) It is amusing in a sad kind of way to see all these people - from Gates to Paul Ryan to many Christian groups - fall into line thinking that, well, he got elected and he's their guy. 

There is no person on this planet who knows what he will do or say at any given time. No one.  

 Now I believe there are people who know how to manipulate him to get what they want but he has proven to be mercurial, petty and with a shallow knowledge of issues.  So good luck to all those who believe he will support their issues except for big business, of course. 

3) He has no sense of humor and, like, George W. Bush, has a decided lack of intellectual curiosity.  If someone cannot laugh at themselves, it's not a good thing.  (There's something to wonder out loud 
Seattle Schools Community Forum: Looking Ahead (Nationally) - Part One:

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