Saturday, December 31, 2016

Schools Matter: Undoing the Military-Corporate Complex

Schools Matter: Undoing the Military-Corporate Complex:

Undoing the Military-Corporate Complex

Even as the malicious pretenders of climate change denial are installed by the Trumpists throughout Washington to keep the lid on any effort to halt the coming environmental catastrophe imposed by lethal energy extraction and use, the power brokers who have chosen certain death for their and our descendants, as a residual cost of doing business as usual, are not going down without a well-funded fight to maintain control to the bitter and certain end. 

The Pentagon, which cannot afford the homicidal luxuries that the Koch Brothers and Exxon-Mobil's deadly pretenses provide to the economically privileged and morally blind citizenry, is moving forward with plans to protect American economic and military assets as long as possible.  After all, that is the job of the military.

Along with the billionaire opportunists of Silicon Valley, who are looking for ways to maintain their empires even if life as we know it cannot be sustained, the U. S. Armed Forces are working overtime to engineer and evolve human systems, organizational systems, education systems, and military systems that can rise above the increasingly lethal challenges that accompany the inevitable social, economic, cultural, and biological degradations and breakdowns in the making around the globe.  

If the Pentagon has its way, the U. S. will be able to kick anybody's ass to the very end of human time:

HRED's [Human Research and Engineering's] scientific research in Soldier performance is directed toward the development of human engineering as well as cognitive and sensory neuroscience technologies and design principles that protect and extend the Soldier's Schools Matter: Undoing the Military-Corporate Complex:

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