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Why I am running for Congress by Jonathan Pelto, Green Party Candidate, 2nd CD - Wait What?

Why I am running for Congress by Jonathan Pelto, Green Party Candidate, 2nd CD - Wait What?:

Why I am running for Congress by Jonathan Pelto, Green Party Candidate, 2nd CD

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Why I am running for Congress by Jonathan Pelto, Green Party Candidate, 2nd CD
As a public education advocate, investigative journalist, small business owner, parent and former Connecticut state representative, I understand how government works.
But more importantly, I understand how our government and our elected officials are failing to provide the leadership that is needed to put this state and country back on track.
Throughout American history, each generation has worked to fulfill their fundamental obligation to leave their communities, our nation and the world a better place to live, work and raise a family.
But we are failing in the task.
Economic inequities, poverty, hunger, violence, climate change and a lack of access to an education and good jobs have created an environment in which we risk being the first generation to leave our children and future generations with less hope and opportunity.
This is not the United States or the State of Connecticut that our children and future generations deserve.
I am running for Congress because we can and must do better for our nation and its children.
I’m running for Congress because I recognize that this year’s election is critical for sustaining the future of our democracy and the nation.
Uncontested and under-contested elections reinforce apathy, and this year, perhaps more than any other in recent memory, we need every voter to understand what is at stake and learn about the issues, vote and hold those elected accountable.
I recognize that in these dark times, change will not come easily, but without joining together and raising our voices, real change will never come.
On the issues
  1. Fair and equitable tax system
My platform is to push the debate forward on behalf of the adoption of a fair and equitable tax system that requires large corporations and the wealthy to pay their fair share, so that we can pay for the vital services that our citizens need, while reducing our national debt.
  1. Fiscal Responsibility
The United States has become the greatest debtor nation on Earth and we must face our responsibility of paying down our debt or we’ll leave our children and grandchildren with such crushing bills to pay that our country will never achieve financial success. I will push for balanced budgets that include a debt repayment component so that we can begin to dig undo the fiscally irresponsible actions that both parties have engaged in over the past 35 years.
  1. A government for, by, and of the people (getting money out of politics)
I will vigorously advocate for a more open and honest government that allows our citizens with access to the actions of our federal government to ensure greater accountability. I will speak up in support of legislation to overturn Citizens United which has allowed wealthy individuals to buy elections and unduly influence political decisions.
  1. Environmental Stewardship and Energy Independence
Perhaps the greatest threat to our country and the world is the threat of climate change. Climate change has already brought rising seas and more extreme weather patterns, putting human lives at risk, and crippling our economy. Without immediate action, the impacts of climate change will only worsen. I will work to combat climate change by prioritizing an energy policy that supports the development of renewable energy to greatly reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, and will dedicate resources to mitigate the impacts of climate change.
  1. A stronger, more diverse economy in Eastern CT
Eastern Connecticut’s economy is still very weak, and was one of the nation’s hardest hit by the recession. Our overreliance on only a handful of large employers concentrated within a few industries continues to make us economically vulnerable.  I will work to support the Second Congressional District’s economic development efforts by proposing actionable plans to convert our defense industry to provide our highly skilled manufacturing sector to diversify and develop products for commercial markets rather than be dependent on maintaining the military industrial complex.
  1. High quality, affordable public education
I have devoted a great deal of my political and professional career to support efforts to provide our young people and adults with high quality, affordable public education. Providing our children with knowledge, skills and opportunities is the greatest duty of any government or generation.  This campaign allows me to continue to articulate an agenda that puts an end to the corrupt and ineffective privatization of public education. These damaging policies embraced by both Republican and Democratic politicians are turning our children and our schools into profit centers for private business and have done nothing to enhance the quality of our public schools.
I will also propose real solutions to solve the student debt crisis, which has made it nearly impossible for many middle and low income children from obtaining a college education or other job training.
No one person or politician can make the fundamental changes needed to increase opportunities for all of our citizens, but together we can do those things. It is my hope that this campaign will empower people to engage in our democracy and raise their voices to address the challenges we face each as we work to build a brighter and healthier future for our children and the generations to come.
On Election Day 2016 – Help create a better future and vote!Why I am running for Congress by Jonathan Pelto, Green Party Candidate, 2nd CD - Wait What?:
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