Saturday, November 19, 2016

Why did I have to "tell you so?" | BustED Pencils

Why did I have to "tell you so?" | BustED Pencils:

Why did I have to “tell you so?”


“All indications are that labor has been caught unprepared for a President Trump and a GOP-controlled Congress and Supreme Court. With such broad control over every branch of government, Trump may be able to not only roll back many of Obama’s accomplishments, but also change the face of labor law for decades to come.” – read more at Think It’s Tough for Labor Now? Just Wait Until Trump Takes Office in January

Remember that seat at the table? The frenemies? The support for #teachstrong? The #ESSA opportunity? The union endorsement of Hillary? And then the Bernie endorsement of Hillary? Remember? Some of you may even remember the most bizarre turn of events where it became clear that the new ed. activist mantra was compromise, and those of us who refused to negotiate with children’s lives were suddenly labeled “purists.” Remember?
Remember how Racist Relay “Graduate” School glided through in Colorado practically on ice skates (as it did in other states), and Teach Like a Champion Racist (hear plate hitting wall) had some “good things” in it? Remember how we’ve been screaming about the absolute racist practices in the public schools for years – specifically in our urban public schools populated by children of color – and we were met with silence? Remember how many children suffered and were abused? How many teachers left or were fired or their positions were eliminated – because ultimately the union did NOT have our backs? While Why did I have to "tell you so?" | BustED Pencils:

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