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Rejecting Education by Division

Rejecting Education by Division:

Rejecting Education by Division

Charter Schools - Dividing Communities since 1991

If we accept the notion that education is the great equalizer, then we must demand that all children have equal access to education. This does not mean that we should expect that every student will have the same results. However, we should expect as a society that all children are given the opportunity to reach their full potential. Unfortunately, all of my opponents do not share the view that every child is worthy of an education.
walter-r-tweetAt first, it may seem that Walter R. Bannister, who is also running for LAUSD School Board in District 2, is one of the “deplorables” unleashed by the hate-filled campaign of Donald Trump, but the truth is that he has been spreading his message of division for a long time. In 2012 he self-published a book entitled Islam Is of the Devil that declares “the truth about Islam is that
it is a religion of war, that allows lying, and rape” and has Tweeted that we should “ban ALL nuslims [sic]  from entering the US”. He has shown his anti-semitic leanings with a post that stated that “schools need to teach the truth that most slave ships were owned and run by Jews not whites”. He calls for eliminating “forced busing” years after these desegregation programs ended. He supports “charter schools over public schools” because “charter schools tend to suspend, expel, and force out more students than public schools” and “public schools have to take everyone including drug dealers gang bangers and other trouble makers.” Bannister does not seem to recognize that these “troublemakers” often have special needs or have suffered emotional trauma and that education may be their only path to avoiding jail or homelessness.
MGAfter ten years on the LAUSD School Board, Mónica García has learned to code her language better than Bannister. Instead of naming the groups of students that she opposes, she talks about the “people I represent most”, ignoring the fact that she is supposed to represent all 640,000 students Rejecting Education by Division:

Carl J. Petersen for LAUSD School Board, District 2 because:
All Kids Are Our Kids!
  • The LAUSD School Board needs a parent's perspective. None of the current Board members has a child enrolled in the district.
  • One size education does not fit all. The District must provide opportunities to all students, not just those who are college bound. We will fight to block the closure of special education centers and return funding to vocational education.Nicole_and_Carl.jpg
  • Eli Broad's plan to privatize education must be stopped. Unlike Mónica García's campaign, this campaign will not be funded by the charter industry. I will answer to the parents and students of the district, not corporate donors.
March 7, 2017
Carl J. Petersen for LAUSD School Board 2017 (ID# 1384794) -

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