Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Reaction of Education Bloggers to the Election UPDATE #2

Reaction of Education Bloggers to the Election
(Will Be Updated as the Shock Wears Off) 

Don’t Mourn, Organize | One Flew East - 

Hard times. | Fred Klonsky -


Dark Mourning in America: “The world is at least/fifty percent terrible” | the becoming radical - 

Schools Matter: Stop Crying--Start the Fucking Revolution -

NYC Educator: Holy Fucking Shit -

CURMUDGUCATION: Teaching in Trump's America -

Three (No, Four) State Elections that Turned Out Well–and Our Plans for the Future | Diane Ravitch's blog - 

Statement on the Defeat of Charter Initiatives | Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools -

glen brown: America -

What one Chicago Public Schools teacher will teach after the presidential election | The White Rhino: A Chicago Latino English Teacher -

Big Education Ape: Does It Really Matter? | commoncorediva -


U.S. 2016: “Every woman adores a Fascist” | the becoming radical - 

"We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope." - Martin Luther King, Jr - Wait What? -

Image result for “We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.” – Martin Luther King, Jr
What Crazy Will Trump and the Republicans Deliver? – Cloaking Inequity - 

It's time to Push Back! Here's a Playlist. - SF Public School MomSF Public School Mom -

Ed Notes Online: Election Shock and Awe: Is The Clintonite/Obama, Neo-liberal “New Democrat” Party Dead? Has Our Democracy Died Too? -

A Dozen Quotes for the Morning After – Live Long and Prosper -

The Morning After | Diane Ravitch's blog -

Ed Notes Online: Donald Trump is moving to the White House, and liberals put him there | Thomas Frank | Opinion | The Guardian -

Perdido Street School: Brexit Redux -

Big Education Ape: a reasonable response to an unreasonable situation -


President Donald Trump Promised To Dump Common Core, Hillary Clinton Never Said The Words – Exceptional Delaware - 

Seattle Schools Community Forum: What to Tell The Kids about the Election -

Seattle Schools Community Forum: Election Results/ Thought Regarding Education -

A teacher wrestles with what to say to his students about Trump win - The Washington Post -

Georgia Voters Say No to State Takeover of Schools | deutsch29 - 

How Did This Happen? Post-Election Thoughts - Living in Dialogue -

Trump Set to Shift Gears on Civil Rights, ESSA, Says a K-12 Transition-Team Leader - Politics K-12 - Education Week -

America Votes NO and Elects Trump: Speculation on a Trump Presidency | Ed In The Apple -

President-Elect Donald Trump on Education | Truth in American Education -

A Letter from a Parent in Massachusetts Who Fought Question 2 | Diane Ravitch's blog -

'I’m Going to Reassure Them That They Are Safe': Talking to Students After the Election -

Don't Mourn, Organize! - Lily's Blackboard -

Fred Klonsky | Daily posts from a retired public school teacher who is just looking at the data. -

(Will Be Updated as the Shock Wears Off) 

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