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Relay Graduate School Indoctrination | Seattle Education

Relay Graduate School Indoctrination | Seattle Education:

Relay Graduate School Indoctrination

Editor’s note:
Recently, Seattle Schools Community Forum published a guest post about the Summit Atlas Public Forum that was held on September 29th. The Summit charter school chainset up in Seattle last year and there is one to open in West Seattle in 2017 even though there is a second charter school lawsuit pending in the courts as of this writing. I found three details about Summit’s new principal,  Kathryn Bubalo, very troubling. First, she is a Teach for America graduate and she worked as a teacher at a New Orleans charter school. Thirdly, Ms. Bubalo is a product of the Relay Graduate School.  Relay Graduate School, to me, is a red flag, so I wanted to share with our readers Peggy Robertson’s experience with this organization. -Carolyn Leith
This blog post, and many future blog posts, are going to be focused on the Relay Graduate School indoctrination occurring in my school and many schools across the country this year, due to the Relay principal academy which occurred this past summer. Colorado folks should also know that Relay intends to set up a permanent campus here in Denver.  Relay Graduate School was created to support the needs of charter schools, specifically KIPP, Uncommon and Achievement First.  Many of the individuals who work with  Relay also publish books that detail scripted ways of teaching, disciplining and leading. If you start researching the leaders of Relay Graduate School you will see that they are ripe with all sorts of training and experience that ultimately does not equate to true experience within the field of education. And one cannot equate charter school experience (like KIPP for example) as teaching experience.
I’d call it school to prison pipeline training.
At the Relay Graduate School of Education (RGSE), teacher education that balances Relay Graduate School Indoctrination | Seattle Education:

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