Monday, August 8, 2016

Say "thank you" to the NAACP (and more) - Network For Public Education

Say "thank you" to the NAACP (and more) - Network For Public Education:

Say “thank you” to the NAACP (and more)

The delegates to the NAACP take strong a stand to protect communities from charter abuses and to put a moratorium on charter growth.

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 During the annual NAACP convention in Cincinnati, the delegates stood up to the charter school lobby and the billionaires that support it. Delegates passed a resolution to put a moratorium on the expansion of privately managed charter schools.  They also passed resolutions against the excessive disciplinary practices, waste, fraud, and sorting and selecting of students in admissions associated with charters.

Read why it occurred, and why it is important here.
As expected, corporate reformers were outraged, with some individuals attacking the organization ‘as out of touch’ and worse. No doubt the leadership will be under enormous pressure to undo the resolutions in the fall.
Show your support for the NAACP!
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AARP turns away from ALEC
The AARP cut off its ties with ALEC due to protests and calls from advocates like you. NPE supporters were a part of that effort. You can read that story here. When you take the few moments to participate in an action alert, you can make a difference.

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