Wednesday, August 3, 2016

More about privatization gone amok - Wait What?

More about privatization gone amok - Wait What?:

More about privatization gone amok

While there are certainly times that non-profit entities can and should be given responsibility for providing public services, the overwhelming evidence is that broad-based privatization does not save money not does it ensure that services will be provided in a more efficient and effective manner.
In fact, the mounting evidence is that broad privatization, without adequate on-going competition, has and continues to cost taxpayers billions of dollars.
As the inappropriate and wasteful impact of privatization has become evident, People for the American Way observed;
Privatization, whether promoted as a short-term way to fill a budget gap or as part of a long-term campaign against the government and unionized workers, can bring disastrous long-term consequences for American families and taxpayers as well as for the democratic process.
Numerous academic studies have revealed that privatizing of public assets, programs and services is not the panacea proponents of privatization promised.
Professor Ellen Dannin is a distinguished faculty scholar and professor of law at Penn State Dickinson School of Law.  She is also the author of “Crumbling Infrastructure, Crumbling Democracy: Infrastructure Privatization Contracts and Their Effects on State and Local Governance.”
In a guest post for the American Constitution Society entitled, The Toll Road to Serfdom, Professor Dannin takes on those who simplistically claim the privatization of infrastructure More about privatization gone amok - Wait What?:

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