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A Running Mate to Run From - Lily's Blackboard

A Running Mate to Run From - Lily's Blackboard:

A Running Mate to Run From

Now we know who Donald Trump’s vice president will be: Mike Pence, governor of Indiana. And considering Pence’s political career, we can bet that he won’t be a champion for ensuring that all students, regardless of ZIP code, have access to an inspiring education that helps them reach their potential.
Throughout the presidential campaign, Trump’s judgment has been repeatedly – and rightfully – called into question.  The fact that Pence would accept the billionaire bully’s invitation to join the ticket makes his judgment suspect, too.
Who is Mike Pence, other than someone who describes himself as “Rush Limbaugh on decaf”?
 He’s a former six-term Congressman who has been Indiana’s governor since 2013. While in Congress he: opposed the Affordable Care Act; voted against expanding the Children’s Health Insurance Program; voted against expanding grants for low-income college students; voted to make same-sex marriage illegal; opposed a prohibition on job discrimination based on sexual orientation; voted against additional support for those living in poverty; voted against increasing the minimum wage; supported building a fence on the Mexican border; voted in favor of turning in illegal immigrants who show up in emergency rooms.

Many know of the governor from his controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which gave any Indiana businesses the right to discriminate against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals.  (The subsequent uproar caused Pence to sign a revised version of the law that explicitly bars a business from denying services to someone on the basis of categories that include sexual orientation and gender identity.) Here are some other highlights – or rather, lowlights – from Governor Pence’s tenure:

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