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The College Board: Inept at Accommodating Injured Students | deutsch29

The College Board: Inept at Accommodating Injured Students | deutsch29:

The College Board: Inept at Accommodating Injured Students

The following is a guest post by New York student, Avery Kim, who is battling not only the consequences associated with suffering her third concussion but also the testing nonprofit, the College Board, over its apparent unwillingness/inability to modify its policies to accommodate students suffering injury in the days prior to being scheduled to sit for a College Board test.
Avery Kim  Avery Kim
Avery Kim, 16, lives in New York City and is a filmmaker, photographer, writer, and multi-first place award winning Model UN delegate. Her passion is investigative journalism and documentary film with the goal of informing, transforming, and calling communities to action through moving images and words. Avery has published articles in the Brooklyn Technical High School newspaper, The Survey, and also helped launch a new online magazine — The Uncommon Magazine.
Avery intends to pursue docu-journalism and political science in college and to continue producing multimedia journalism that engages, educates, and changes the world. She will transform your world through engaging storytelling and her vivid creativity will bring real world issues to you in meaningful ways.
The College Board: a Monopoly Without Accountability
by Avery Kim
Many schools, including the one I attend, offer only the College Board’s Advanced Placement (AP) options for many courses in the sciences and math. These not only restrict teachers to focusing on test material and rushed lesson plans, but they also stifle the teacher’s ability to engage in meaningful class discussion, simply because that will not be tested. It becomes a mechanical process of checking boxes off of the “Curriculum Framework.” Our teachers were trained to do so much more. Throughout the last two years of being in AP classes, I have repetitively heard the phrase, “I would love to go into this more, but we need to stay on schedule for the test.” Fortunately, my teachers have found ways to weave in everything from looking at Marxism in a positive light to learning about the “Forgotten War” because the Korean War was more than just a single bullet point on the College Board’s list; our class is lucky enough to know that this war should not be buried beneath other 
The College Board: Inept at Accommodating Injured Students | deutsch29:

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