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College Board SAT Mix-up: Some El Paso Students Told They Must Retake SAT | deutsch29

College Board SAT Mix-up: Some El Paso Students Told They Must Retake SAT | deutsch29:

College Board SAT Mix-up: Some El Paso Students Told They Must Retake SAT

Here we go again with another College Board (CB) failure, poorly handled.
Under David Coleman, CB is a bumbling operation. (For Coleman’s ever-mounting CB bungling, feel free to peruse my CB posts.)
The Coleman-directed CB continues, with some students in El Paso, Texas, receiving an email from CB on Tuesday that they must retake the June 4th SAT on Saturday. No reason given– just “you must retake the test.”
A local ABC affiliate pursued the issue with both the El Paso Independent School District (EPISD**) and CB to discover that CB did not deliver all of its May administration tests on time– the tests arrived late– and in the “confusion” (CB spokesperson word) were administered in June.
(If these May tests arrived late, I wonder what tests were administered in May– an unexplained aside.)
There are other problems with the CB approach to rectifying the confusion. First of all, CB sent an email to unsuspecting students without including details. Second, the email arrived four days before the CB-required SAT re-administration. Third, CB set up this situation by not delivering May tests in a timely fashion and by not collecting the untimely-delivered May test forms prior to the June administration. Fourth, CB offers no concession to students being put through the stress of having to retake the SAT. Finally, the only other option CB offered to the students involved waiting until October to retake the test.
What is funny is that some March 2016 SAT test takers have discussed that the June SAT (that they also took) was the same exact test as the one in March. So, it seems that CB was trying to draw some sort of line by not administering the same test in May and June– though CB seemed fine with administering the same SAT to at least some students in March and June.
And it’s not like CB has not already moved forward with compromised SAT tests overseas. A March 2016 Reuters article on CB’s SAT recycling includes the following insert article:

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