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TBFURMAN: The Manufactured Federal Blindness Toward The Gulen-Linked Charter Schools

TBFURMAN: The Manufactured Federal Blindness Toward The Gulen-Linked Charter Schools:

The Manufactured Federal Blindness Toward The Gulen-Linked Charter Schools

 The strange, pervasive federal blindness when it comes to the Gulen Movement-- what's it about? My guess is that it's just the fruit of an intensive influence-seeking campaign-- in other words, it's manufactured. But who knows?

Anyway, let's go down the list.
Dan Mihaloupoulos reported yesterday that the federales recently "awarded" the Gulen-linked charter almost $340k for various stuff that will no-doubt be purchased from firms sprouted within the growing closed economy that helps grow the Movement.  Remember this? Tiniest part of the tip of the iceberg. The feds apparently aren't going to wait until the conclusion of the ongoing FBI investigation of Concept to hand them more money.

Read Dan's report for the monkey business with the "advisory board." It's one of the fundamental m.o's across the Movement, a potemkin board of people who have literally no idea.

I don't know how the Gulenists got so "in" at the Department of Education, but I bet gifts of travel, 
check it out
campaign contributions, and relentless awards, honors and glomming-on played their part.  Please don't make me go through my notes for pictures of prominent Gulenists posing with Arne Duncan. It's a whole genre on Twitter. 

[Local Note: before I move on, let's just observe that Sunny Chico is on that list along with Arne Duncan. Chico was a start-up consultant during the original charter application of Chicago Math and Science Academy; then she received one of their random awards in 2006, and was junketed to Turkey at least once, along with Gery Chico, I am almost 99% certain. It's a relentless campaign of courting the influential.]

On a lighter notethis actually happened last week. 

The Navy's "Key Influencer" program invites people who have great influence over the lives of young people to take a ride in an F-18 jet.
Yes, a superintendent of one of the big Gulen-linked schools in New York state will be soaring in the sky with the Blue Angels next month. I don't know what the deal is with the Air Force, but they're in a love-fest with the Gulen Movement.  I bet if someone did a little digging, she or he would find the telltale signs--- the junkets, the awards, etc.

I might point out that the Air Force has always had a certain conservative religious fervor, and the Gulen Movement has a bit of a track record in working these people when there's a deal to be made. I wonder if the Gulenists honed in some particularly fundamentalist person influential in the Air Force, or perhaps several.

Incidentally, the particular superintendent mentioned above works at a school founded by one of Concept's co-founders, even though all of these schools are supposedly totally 
TBFURMAN: The Manufactured Federal Blindness Toward The Gulen-Linked Charter Schools:

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