Monday, November 9, 2015

What’s Innovative about Charter Schools?

What’s Innovative about Charter Schools?:

What’s Innovative about Charter Schools?

Innovation as a Premium Concept with Light Bulbs

What is innovative about charter schools? What do they do that is so unique it has provided traditional public schools with new methods of working with students? I often hear politicians and charter advocates praising charter schools for what they can give public schools in the way of new ideas. I am wondering what innovations they are talking about.
Before I sound off more though, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Valerie Strauss of the Washington Post Answer Sheet for highlighting my blog post telling Bill and Melinda Gates what is hard for teachers. Also, thank you to Diane Ravitch who echoed Valerie’s post with interesting comments of her own. Thanks to all those who responded with their thoughts and ideas.
And another thank you to Valerie for also showcasing teacher Linda Chantal Sullivan’s post on my blog about what troubles teachers working with ELL students. This issue is especially important today and often overlooked.
I would have responded sooner to all this recognition, but I was visiting New York City and left my laptop at home. It was a nice break, and it was hard to leave behind beautiful Central Park in autumn.
Charters were originally supposed to be for teachers to run—to let them explore new What’s Innovative about Charter Schools?:

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