Friday, July 25, 2014

5 Essential Ingredients For Learning (SPLAT) | Connected Principals

5 Essential Ingredients For Learning (SPLAT) | Connected Principals:

5 Essential Ingredients For Learning (SPLAT)

I was listening to a fascinating show by Pat Flynn, blogger and podcaster who was interviewing Bryan Kelly from What The Speak on the neuroscience behind great presentations.
As I thought about the research Kelly had done on what makes great presentations, I was reminded how good teaching, leadership, or any communication includes the same ingredients.
Kelly created the acronym, SPLAT, to define the five most ingredients in helping others learn.
S = Safety–creating an environment that allows for learning
P = Problem solving–helping others find solutions
L = Lectures–avoiding them and focusing on teaching instead
A = All–all audiences are visual learners
T = Talking–teaching others is one of the best ways to learn
How can these reminders help us in the school setting? Here are my 5 take-aways:
1. Safety
No matter how well prepared your team is, how credentialed, experienced, or creative–if learners do not feel safe, they will not flourish.
Kelly talks about this in the context of presentations. He encourages presenters to NOT put audience members on the spot or make them feel uncomfortable.
In school, the same applies in large settings, classrooms, or one-on-one.
When learners sense we are prepared, have created a safe-learning environment, and treat them with dignity and respect, then the atmosphere exists for learning to take place.
2. Problem Solving
No matter what the subject or content being covered, learners want to know “how is this going to help me?”
In the school setting, it takes a lot of creativity to dig deep and explain how colonial primary texts or quadratical formulas apply to our lives today, but those meanings do exist.
The creative educator finds ways to be aware of real-life problems and points to how 5 Essential Ingredients For Learning (SPLAT) | Connected Principals: