Friday, May 30, 2014

5-30-14 Perdido Street School

Perdido Street School:

Cuomo, WFP Reach Deal Over Ballot Line
Brokered by Bill de Blasio, of all people:Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the Working Families Party’s leadership have reached an agreement that could give the incumbent Democrat the labor-backed organization’s ballot line, according to sources familiar with the agreement. Under the terms of the agreement, Cuomo would support local control for a minimum wage increase — a proposal he has previously opposed —

Salon Reports Deal For Cuomo Endorsement By Working Families Party Could Be "Imminent"
And so we come to the inevitable sellout:As the Working Families Party prepares to meet in Albany on Saturday to select law professor Zephyr Teachout as its gubernatorial candidate, an 11th-hour deal is being hashed out between the party and governor Andrew Cuomo that could leave that plan in shambles. According to numerous sources, talks are heating up Friday evening and a deal “could be imminent

Cuomo Is A "Right-Wing Douchebag"
Andrew Cuomo and his courtiers at the unions have spent the past couple of days threatening Working Families Party members if the WFP convention does not give Cuomo their endorsement.The union heads have threatened to pull back funds from the party and Buzzfeed reported that Cuomo is trying to convince other Democratic Party politicians from taking their endorsement to try and starve WFP of votes.

UFT, Other Union Leaders Threaten Working Families Party Over Cuomo Endorsement
You knew the union leaders wouldn't allow for Working Families Party to endorse anybody over Sheriff Andy Cuomo.With the WFP convention this weekend and many rank-and-file calling for the party to endorse Fordham law professor Zephyr Teachout over Andrew Cuomo, the union leaders made their move today and threatened the party with dissolution:When Working Families Party state committee members gath

Get Ready For Some More Gates- And Helmsley-Funded Common Core Propaganda
Here's some "grassroots" support for the Common Core:ALBANY—Critics of the Common Core in New York have been winning the debate about the controversial education standards, but now they'll face a counterattack backed by a considerable investment.High Achievement New York, a nonprofit coalition of mostly business groups, plans to launch a roughly $500,000 phone and digital advertising cam
Working Families Party Co-Chair Warns Cuomo Is Unlikely To Get WFP Ballot Line
From the NY Times:For weeks now, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York, a Democrat seeking re-election this year, has been working behind the scenes to soothe misgivings by the leadership of a small but influential political party made up of labor unions and liberal activists who believe his policies have veered too far to the right.Late on Thursday, a co-chairwoman of that group, the Working Families

5-29-14 Perdido Street School
Perdido Street School: The Plan To Force Charter Co-LocationsHard to see Cuomo's forcing the city to pick up the tab for charter school rent as aimed at anything other than the eventual return of the charter co-location scheme Bloomberg operated:New York City's move to oust three charter schools from district buildings appears to carry a hefty price tag.The mayor's budget sets aside $5.4 million i