Sunday, April 27, 2014

My Book Is Published! | deutsch29

My Book Is Published! | deutsch29:

My Book Is Published!

April 27, 2014

To all who have been asking and waiting:
At the moment, has the paperback version, listed at $23.35.
I hear that the e-book takes about 30 days until it is available.
Here is a brief description of the book:
“Corporate reform” is not reform at all. Instead, it is the systematic destruction of the foundational American institution of public education. The primary motivation behind this destruction is greed. Public education in America is worth almost a trillion dollars a year. Whereas American public education is a democratic institution, its destruction is being choreographed by a few wealthy, well-positioned individuals and organizations. This book investigates and exposes the handful of people and institutions that are often working together to become the driving force behind destroying the community public school.
And here is my first review, written by noted researcher and author, Gene Glass:
To set along side of “Reign of Error”
April 27, 2014
Gene Glass “gvglass” (Scottsdale, AZ) 
Schneider has exposed the corruption, greed and entangling of self-interests that underlie the attempt of the mega-corporations to grab billions of tax-payer dollars that are appropriated for America’s K-12 public schools. She puts the names and faces on the movement that Diane Ravitch documented in “Reign of Error: The Hoax of the Privatization Movement and the Danger to America’s Public Schools.” There are no “must reads” anymore. There are just a handful of “should reads”: “A Chronicle of Echoes” is at the head of that list.
What a compliment!