Tuesday, March 4, 2014

3-4-14 Perdido Street School

Perdido Street School:

My Response To Newsday's Pro-Charter Editorial
Not sure my comment on this piece of pro-charter Newsday claptrap will survive because I put a link in it, so wanted to save it for posterity: Charters often do no better than traditional public schools on test measurements, often do worse.  The lie you op-ed writers perpetrate in the corporate media about this is a zombie lie that just won't die.  Doesn't matter if it's the News, the Post, the WS

Cuomo Says He Will "Save Charter Schools" From The Phony War On Charters
Looks like all that money Eva Moskowitz and her backers gave to Governor Cuomo paid dividends:A fired up Gov. Cuomo vowed Tuesday afternoon to “save charter schools.” “We are here to tell you we stand with you. You are not alone,” said Cuomo, speaking at a massive pro-charter school rally that attracted thousands of parents, teachers, and kids from across the state who braved frigid 20-degree temp

Andrew Cuomo Uses Felon Who Pleaded Guilty To Federal Tax Evasion To Raise Campaign Donations For Him
From State of Politics:A former Republican state senator and GOP power broker who pleaded guilty to federal tax evasion in 2012 is co-hosting a high-dollar fund-raiser next month in support of Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s re-election effort, Capital Tonight has learned.Adding insult to injury, the ex-lawmaker in question – Nick Spano – hails from Westchester County. That’s home to County Executi
Long Island Superintendents Call For Moratorium On Common Core
From Newsday: Suffolk County school superintendents stepped up efforts to halt the state's next round of Common Core standardized tests, now less than a month away, with a direct appeal Monday to Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo. The local school leaders acknowledged that probably only a U.S. Department of Education waiver could stop the tests for children in grades 3-8, scheduled to be given in April and ear
3-3-14 Perdido Street School
Perdido Street School: Putting Common Core In PerspectiveA commenter at the Newsday story reporting Cuomo is going to run his own pro-CCCSS ads:CC is part of a world-wide corporate globalization initiative to dumb down teachers, currricula and students and turn them into scared, uncreative, unimaginative, test- taking drones. The de-skilling of teachers and students will turn them into lower-paid,