Monday, February 10, 2014

2-10-14 Engaging Parents In School… | Going Beyond Parent "Involvement"

Engaging Parents In School… | Going Beyond Parent "Involvement":

 Infographic: “Ways A Parent Can Help With Spelling”

I’m adding this infographic to The Best Infographics About Parent Involvement In Schools:
British School Plans Hefty Parent Fines When Kids Are Late — Uh, I Think They Might Want To Rethink That…
Emerson Valley School plans fines for pupil lateness is an article at the BBC. Here’s an excerpt: A school plans to fine parents of pupils who consistently arrive late. Emerson Valley School in Milton Keynes plans to impose the £60 fixed penalty if children miss registration 10 times in a 12-week term. The junior school, which is in special measures, hopes the move will raise standards. But the pl
In The New York Times Today: “Do Parents Care Enough About School?”
The New York Times regular feature, “Room For Debate,” features this question today: Do Parents Care Enough About School? There are some excellent responses — it’s a must-read!
The Best Student Projects That Need Family Engagement — Contribute Your Lessons!
I’d like to create a very lengthy list of lessons that require students to engage with their parents and families in a positive way. I know I’ve previously posted about some, but I need to track them down. I’m also hoping that lots of teachers will send in summaries of successful lessons that they’ve done. I’ll add them to list and, of course, give you credit. You can find all my parent engagement
“District Leaders Urged to Rethink Community Engagement Strategies”
District Leaders Urged to Rethink Community Engagement Strategies is an interesting post over at Education Week about a recent address by former Milwaukee School Superintendent Howard Fuller. Here’s an excerpt: Fuller said school district leaders must reflect the racial makeup of the families they serve in order to achieve meaningful community engagement. That presents a real challenge, he added,
“How Budget Cuts and PTA Fundraising Undermined Equity in San Francisco Public Schools”
How Budget Cuts and PTA Fundraising Undermined Equity in San Francisco Public Schools is a very interesting article in the San Francisco Public Press that deals with issues of funding inequity far beyond the confines of San Francisco. In fact, it may be the best piece I’ve seen on role of parent fundraising in this problem and ways to deal successfully with the challenge. Here’s how it ends: The m
The Best Posts On The inBloom Data Fiasco
I’ve written several posts about the inBloom data fiasco — inBloom is the company that’s basically trying to collect, store and share student data and is supported by the Gates Foundation. I thought I’d put together a quick Best list: Where inBloom Wilted is from Ed Surge. Irate Parents Fight to Keep Information on Their Kids Private is the headline of an article about an effort to create a nation
Parent Engagement Enters “Twilight Zone” In Newark
I’ve published a couple of posts over the past two weeks about the wild stuff going on in Newark schools. It’s getting wilder. Check out Newark parent leader arrested, jailed, after criticizing state plan to close schools.
What Should Parents Do If They Think A Teacher Is Ineffective?
Problem In the Classroom? Tread Lightly is a New York Times post by Jessice Lahey giving advice on how a parent should handle things if they believe their child’s teacher is not an effective one. The post, plus the comments, might be worth sharing with parents…..

2-8-14 Engaging Parents In School All Week… | Going Beyond Parent "Involvement"
Engaging Parents In School… | Going Beyond Parent "Involvement":Important NY Times Article: “Can Marriage Cure Poverty?”As most people know, there is a common narrative suggesting that single-parent households can be a cause of many problems affecting children — in and out of school. I wonder about that view, and have previously published The Best Articles Questioning The View That Singl