Tuesday, January 21, 2014

1-21-14 Jersey Jazzman

Jersey Jazzman:

The Newark 5 Are Not Alone: NJ's Reformy Bullying Epidemic
It's gratifying to see the Newark 5 story getting the coverage it's started to get. Five principals who spoke out against One Newark -- the plan by the Newark Public Schools to close some schools, turn others over to charter operators, and "renew" others -- were suspended Friday for the crime of exercising their First Amendment rights and demanding that Newark's disenfranchised citizens

1-19-14 Jersey Jazzman
Jersey Jazzman: Newark Charters: Let's Please Get the Facts RightLaura Waters:Look to our charters. At KIPP's TEAM Academy Charter School in Newark students attend school from 7:30-4:00 Mondays through Fridays and also go to school two Saturdays a month. The school year begins in August and goes through June. TEAM's students regularly outperform peers at other area schools despite similar demograp