Thursday, October 31, 2013

10-31-13 Perdido Street School

Perdido Street School:

Critics Of SED/Regents Reform Agenda: Commissioner King Has Not Gone For Enough To Address Concerns
Once again, from Jessica Bakeman at Capital NY:ALBANY—Statewide school groups are skeptical of a plan the state announced last week aimed at eliminating some testing, questioning the effectiveness and scope of the proposed changes.State Education Commissioner John King wrote in a letter to schools last week that he and the Board of Regents have discussed taking several steps to minimize and improv

State Senator Latimer: Make The Politcians Take The Common Core Tests
From Jessica Bakeman at Capital NY:ALBANY—Could New York lawmakers pass a high school exam in language arts or mathematics?One state senator wants to know.Sen. George Latimer, a Westchester Democrat, told City & State he's not sure if he would pass a high-school level state exam based on the new, more difficult Common Core curriculum standards, and he bets not all of his colleagues would pass

There's A Consensus - That John King And Common Core Must Go
NYSED Commissioner John King said there is a consensus across that Common Core reform is the right thing to do.Syracuse -- In a visit to Syracuse today, New York Education Commissioner John King said he sees more consensus Mthan division around the state's implementation of the Common Core standards, teacher evaluations and other issues."I don't see it as a particularly divisive moment,"

Common Core Opposition Will Not Be Marginalized
Neal McCluskey of the Cato institute explains why the attempts to marginalize Common Core opponents as crazy people will not work:The Common Core is opposed by scholars at several leading think tanks on both the right and left-hand side of the political landscape, including the Heritage Foundation, The Hoover Institution, the Brookings Institution and my own Cato Institute. My research has shown t

NYSED: Teacher Evaluations Not Confusing
Nope - they're complex!SCHOOLBOOK: Why are we hearing complaints about children in kindergarten through second grade being given extra assessments that are taking time away from class? SCHWARTZ: That would depend upon the strategy that was locally collectively bargained. There may be some districts in which they decided that they were going to give a pretest. But that was something that they decid
10-30-13 Perdido Street School
Perdido Street School: Education Reform In TroubleAnthony Cody at Gates Foundation Week:From coast to coast, the billionaire-backed education reform project is back-pedaling, and there are signs of desperation showing up all over. At Education Nation there was little attention paid to the fractured fairytale that corporate reform has become, but the cracks are appearing everywhere now.At a recent