Thursday, September 12, 2013

Student Voice as a Solution Student Voice

Student Voice:

Student Voice as a Solution

The need for “Student Voice” was something I believed in before I really knew the issues.
All around the United States, students and educators feel stuck in a system with more cons than pros. There are so many internal and external issues within the American education system, for which no one seems to know the direct answer. Yet, just last May, a few twitter addicts just might have found a workable solution.
Student Voice began last May, from a few students and educators, having a twitter discussion about their passion for education. In mere weeks, the hour long Monday twitter chat grew substantially; bringing in the viewpoints of veteran educators, education researchers, and everyday concerned students. We as a movement have not only exceeded beyond twitter, but have become a catalyst to a movement based around student empowerment in their own education.
Student Voice is not a bunch of rebellious kids wanting to place the blame on teachers or the government for bad education policy. We value the hard work of the educators who sometimes face impossible odds to bring their passion of learning into their classrooms. We also know the government is not to blame for every child that is left behind, or every student who fails to achieve their career aspirations in life.
What Student Voice does realize, though, is that on all levels—from the quality of educators to government education policy (especially in the realm of standardized testing)—there is clear room for improvement. This improvement could simply come from the group that has been largely ostracized from the decision making process: the students.
The Students know what gives them passion, yet their voices continue to go unheard as their very future is the
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