Tuesday, September 24, 2013

9-24-13 Wait What?

Wait What?:

Get out your wallets, Bass Pro wants their corporate welfare check.
“Bass Pro often fails to deliver on its promise to be an economic development anchor and major tourist destination.  Its stores attract shoppers but often do not produce sought-after economic benefits associated with major tourist destinations.”  (Public Accountability Initiative 2010) “The stores are billed as job generators by both companies when they are fishing for […]The post Get out your wal

Wendy Lecker takes on the Myth of the STEM crisis
In another “must read” commentary piece, fellow public education advocate confronts the propaganda machine that is spinning out the rhetoric that we need more and more STEM Academies of that a “STEM Education” is the salvation for America’s education system. STEM is the political concept of the day that says rather than receiving a comprehensive […]The post Wendy Lecker takes on the Myth of the ST

Congressman Jared Polis…. A voice for DFER
The Democratic congressman who called American’s leading public education advocate, Diane Ravitch, “an evil woman” turns out to be a player for Democrats for Education Reform, a leading political action committee for the corporate education reform industry. Polis’ outrageous and inappropriate attack on Diane Ravitch may not have been some random, bizarre act on the […]The post Congressman Jared Po

9-23-13 Wait What?
Wait What?: Vallas faces Supreme Court, Colorado Congressman returns to twitter rantA Monday morning in the on-going battle to stop the education reform industry and take back our public schools. Paul Vallas: In a final, desperate move to hold onto his position, faux superintendent Paul Vallas and his taxpayer funded attorneys go before the Connecticut Supreme Court today to explain why he is so s