Tony Bennett, former Indiana (and now Florida) supt. of public schools.
As everyone by now knows, former Indiana (and now Florida) supt. of public schools Tony Bennett was recently caught rigging the grades of an Indy charter school run by multi-millionaire exchange vocation princess, Republican (and Democrat) campaign donor, mansion owner, and current Indiana Education Roundtable member Christel DeHaan.  Here are a few more things Indiana (and Florida) taxpayers should know about the Christel House Academy and Christel DeHaan:
1. The Christel House Academy has spent over $70,000 the last few years travelling to God knows where.
For the 2009 calendar year, the school spent $12,000 on travel expenses (see page 10).
In the 2010 calendar year, the Christel House Academy wasted another $20,500 on travel (see page 10).
Even as the Christel House Academy paid out $15,000 on advertising for the 2011 calendar year, it dished out a whooping $40,000 on travel alone (see page 10 in PDF).  No details are given in tax records as to where this travel took place, but my guess is it wasn’t to the Indianapolis Zoo.  Although I have no proof of it, I would suspect this money was used to fly DeHaan officials overseas to her other charter schools in India, Mexico, and South America, supplying them with a nice vocation, as well.
The school received only a little over $12,000 in private donations that year (page 9), so the travelling money came out of taxpayers’ pockets or–if we want to be polite and unquestioning citizens–from school fees.
2.  Multi-Millionaire Christel DeHaan hangs around with other unethical people besides Mitch Daniels and Tony Bennett.
When DeHaan broke ground for high school students a few years back, naming that section of the charter school after a former Eli Lilly exec., Mitch Daniels (wanting to keep the Indiana GOP campaign