Friday, June 28, 2013

What Do We Have in Common Core? #StudentVoice

Student Voice:

What Do We Have in Common Core?

Designed to create commonality, Common Core State Standards are, ironically, not commonly understood. In an area of educational policy that aims to combat common predicaments, much energy is being squandered combatting one another — energy that could potentially be harnessed to formulate solutions. Having said that, misunderstanding Common Core is not akin to misvaluing Common Core. After all, Common Core, like the majority of past educational reforms, is aiming at a goal held by all of us: improve the standard of education across the nation.

Understanding Common Core State Standards

Essentially, the Common Core State Standards is the initiative to produce and implement a national set of standards designed as a uniform content guide for Mathematics and Literacy in grades K-12 across the United States, with supplementary Science, History, and Writing subsets. This set of standards was formed over the