Monday, June 17, 2013

UPDATE: The Real Pension Obstructionist: A Letter to a Legislator. | Fred Klonsky

The Real Pension Obstructionist: A Letter to a Legislator. | Fred Klonsky:

Bill Daley’s pension plan. That’s Ty Fahner’s hand up his rear.


Millionaire banker and brother of the recepient of one of the largest public pensions in the state, announced his pension plan today.
His lips were moving but it was the voice of the Civic Committee President Ty Fahner that echoed around the state.
Pass SB1.
Nothing but SB1.
Veto anything that isn’t SB1.
Attack anyone who claims SB1 is unconstitutional.
Which it is.
Even though Governor Squeezy and the Madman are for SB1, he attacked Squeezy and the Madman’s daughter for not being for it enough.
Like really for it.
This is the difference between the three of them. Two are for

The Real Pension Obstructionist: A Letter to a Legislator.

Dear Representative and Senator,
We do not often get second chances, but all of you in the General Assembly are about to be granted another test of your allegiance to the Illinois Constitution and your political fortitude to find real and honorable answers to the Illinois “pension crisis.”
Let’s be clear about one real truth.  No matter how many of you are singled out and castigated by the Chicago Tribune for being hesitant or even thoughtful, the egregious falsehood perpetrated by the corporate media – even without Koch brother ownership – is the following: a characterization that budget woes in Illinois are a result of“diverting money from education and health care and other essential services to preserve pension benefits that are crushing the state” (Tribune Editorial  June 16, 13).
That’s an untruth, Representative and Senator.   You know it and I know it.
Having to pay down a $100 billion debt on past avoidance (not diversion) of making 

Legislators to gather Wednesday. But it’s more about the governor’s race than about solutions.

Status Quo
Governor Squeezy has called the General Assembly back into special session on Wednesday.
He says it’s about what he insists on calling pension reform.
Read John Dillon’s great letter I reprinted as the previous post.
John spells it out. There are two parts to the pension liability: Normal costs and the cost of the debt.
Normal costs are what TRS pays out to current retirees. In addition to being constitutionally guaranteed and contractually required, normal costs are entirely affordable. The burden on the citizens of the state is the cost of

TP for CPS.


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